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Cone Head - Mild Bolt Ons

Photography by , Ed Taylor

Back on the dyno, we immediately noticed an improved growl. The horsepower jumped to 146 and torque spiraled to 222 lb-ft. It was a 22-percent torque gain throughout the curve with all the power in the game by 4,000 rpm. The lowly 305 was only off Jake's 350ci base numbers by 22 hp and 7 lb-ft. The backpressure reading had also shrunk to 2 psi. Not too bad.

What Do You Want Us To Do With Cone Head?OK, so we'll admit we're maybe a little too giddy about 146 hp. The point is, with a little effort we got a big gain in performance and appearance, albeit on a smaller scale than a typical musclecar. We want to know what you think about Cone Head and what you want us to do from here. Is it full-on LS series swap with a 4L65-E? Or should we leave the 305 in there and try all the speed tricks we can think of? Should we drop it in a canyon? Let us in on it at We're lurking there.

Parts List
Dual exhaust kit Flowmaster 17310
Computer chip JET Performance Products BBKX-S2
Performance pulleys JET Performance Products 90105
Powr-Flo TBI spacer JET Performance Products 62104
Valve covers GMPP 12355350
Spark plug wires Moroso 73225
Wire separators Made For You Products 50956

The Cone Zone
Cone Head HP TQ
Baseline 122.10 181.32
Massaged 146.06 222.28

Made For You Products
GMPP Moroso Performance Products
Jet Performance Products
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