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1969 Plymouth Road Runner - Fourth Time's A Charm - Feature

This Road Runner Ragtop Has Seen Some Changes

Photography by Bob McClurg

Engine: '70 Chrysler 426 Hemi, machined by Ed at Arlington Machine to 0.030-over, rebuilt with Ross 10:1 pistons, Mopar Performance stock-stroke forged crank, Mopar Performance pan, Milodon oil pump

Heads: Mopar Performance aluminum heads, ported, 2.25/1.94-inch valves

Camshaft: Comp Cams solid flat-tappet with 269/273 degrees duration (advertised) and 0.577/0.570-inch lift with 106-degree lobe separation angle

Induction: Mopar Performance M1 single-plane, single four-barrel aluminum manifold with 1,000-cfm Holley HP-series carb

Exhaust: TTI headers and TTI 3-inch exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers

Transmission: Keisler five-speed conversion using Tremec TKO gearbox and Keisler hydraulic clutch linkage

Rearend: Stock Chrysler/Dana 60 with 3.54:1 gears and limited-slip

Front Suspension: Stock '69 Plymouth with Firm Feel Stage II steering box, Mopar Performance 0.096-inch torsion bars, and Koni shocks

Rear Suspension: Stock-type with Mopar Performance Super Stock leafsprings, Koni shocks, and Addco rear sway bar

Brakes: '68 Plymouth GTX four-piston disc, front; Colorado Turf disc (GM Riviera calipers and Lincoln Versailles rotors), rear; 151/416-inch manual master cylinder

Wheels And Tires: Billet Specialties Octane, 16x8-inch with BFG Comp T/A 245/50-16, front; 16x9.5-inch with 275/50-16 rear

Body Modifications: Door handles shaved, side-markers molded in, rear quarters "swelled" around wheel openings, quarter extensions smoothed in

Paint: '93 Lexus Red Garnet Pearl Metallic by Sikkens, applied by National Auto Repair in Addison, TX

Cost To Build: Approximately $34,000

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