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1964 Dodge Charger - Pure Fabrication - Feature

The Birth Of A Winged And Wonderful Urban Legend

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Larry decided to create his own revisionist history by fabricating a tale of how this car was the initial test model for the rear wing and flush-mounted grille treatments, including adding his own custom-built Charger 500 grille emblem. The fantasy paragraphs left on the dash ploy have worked extremely well, which means just about any time now you should start hearing about a rescued '66 NASCAR Dodge development car on the Internet. Blame that urban legend on Larry Doerr.

Car Craft Q & ACar Craft: Where did the idea for this story come from?Larry Doerr: I just wanted to do something different and wanted to change the look of the car. I knew the story of what Chrysler did during that time and thought that we could make it look like what it could have been. I did some drawings and the wing just looked right on this fastback design, and it all fit together.

CC: What's the best comment you've heard about your car?LD: A lot of people have told me that they don't like the '66-'67 Chargers, but they tell me that they would own this car.

CC: Are there people who think the story is true?LD: A lot of people do. If anyone asks, we always tell them "Don't believe everything you read!"

CC: You also mentioned using muriatic acid to clean the rust. Did that work like acid dipping?LD: No, the acid merely removed the rust. It took about 12 hours to do each individual panel. It took a long time to do the whole car. Then we had to fill in all the pits in the metal with either spot putty or primer.

The DetailsCar: '66 Dodge ChargerOwner: Larry Doerr

Engine: Dodge 440 bored 0.040 over, 460 ci, 10:1 compression

Heads: Production iron, ported

Camshaft: Mopar Performance flat-tappet hydraulic, 252/252 degrees advertised duration, 0.472/0.472-inch lift, double roller chain Induction: Weiand dual-plane with 750-cfm Demon carburetor and modified '68 Chrysler Imperial air cleaner assembly Output: 400 @ 6,000 rpm (est.)

Transmission: Dodge New Process four-speed with Hays clutch and pressure plate

Rearend: Dodge 831/44-inch with 3.23 gears, limited-slip, stock axles

Front suspension: Stock with gas shocks and '73 Challenger front spindles

Rear suspension: Rear axle moved rearward 11/42 inch to center wheel in the wheelwell, stock leafsprings

Brakes: '73 Dodge Challenger front disc brakes, stock rear drum

Wheel and tire: Magnum 500 wheels, 15x7-inch front, 15x10-inch rear; BFGoodrich 255/60R15 Radial T/A front and 295/50R15 rear

Interior: Seat covers by Legendary Interiors installed by owner, Auto Meter water temp and oil pressure gauges

Body mods: Handmade steel rear wing, quarter-panel and front fender scoops, all emblems shaved, custom-built grille emblem, removed rocker panel moldings with all work performed in Larry's backyard shop including body mods and paint

Paint: By Dick Brown of Sioux City, IA, with orange basecoat/clearcoat along with white bumblebee stripe

Cost to build: "I don't want to know"

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