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1968 Oldsmobile Hurst - Mopar Mania - Straight Scoop

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Photography by Courtesy Of The NHRA, Carlisle Productions

Leong: To get this car to become more consistent. Unless you have consistency, you're not going to win. We have to learn about the car. It's hard to speed up the process because you can only do it one run at a time. Sometimes you have to take a step back to go two forward. You know you can turn the knobs and the car will go quicker, but until you know enough about the car to do that, then it's a gamble, and if you miss, you'll be another run behind. Coming in here, compared to all these other guys, I'm already 100 runs behind-but then, in 1997 it was no different. The process is the process, and that's the way you have to do it. Hopefully, we'll make some gains on this thing and maybe win a race or two this year.

Primedia Editors Charity ChallengePick Us
The folks over at eBay had an idea to challenge the editors. While just getting up and going to work is enough of a challenge for most editors, the thought of building something really cool will always be an eye-catcher. Case in point is the Charity Challenge contest where eBay is giving us $25-grand to build a car using its site to purchase not only the car, but also the parts we need. Best of all, you folks get to vote and grade us on our efforts.

At press time there were 10 groups of editors assembled to create "their" cars, motorcycles, or trucks. At the end of the contest, the voters will determine just which vehicle was the coolest. All of the vehicles will ultimately be auctioned off to charity. Car Craft is involved with a Mustang with the Ford magazines, as well as a Nova with the Chevy magazines. That way, we have two chances to win!

If you'd like to chart our progress, go online at www.editorscharitychallenge com. They have a place for you to rate how we're doing, vote for the vehicle you like, and check out the latest "Featured Team" and "Did You Know" trivia fact ... and don't forget to log on and join the discussions on the message boards!

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