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1968 Oldsmobile Hurst - Mopar Mania - Straight Scoop

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Photography by Carlisle Productions, Courtesy Of The NHRA
Standard of Excellence (tie): John Garnett, '67 GTX
  Jerry Hubble, '70 Charger RT/SE
Burnout Competition Alan Spurgin, '70 Charger
Ms. Carlisle All-Chrysler Jill Hager
Club Challenge Northeast Hemi Owners Assoc.
  (136 members at the show)

The Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals
What do Mopar guys like to see? How about the stuff that showed up at the 14th annual Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals, where a record 46,474 Mopar enthusiasts and 2,132 vehicles made the scene? And while there were plenty of cool cars to see, the stars in attendance were an additional surprise.

Mary Burch of Mechanicsville, Maryland, had to be the most surprised, winning the 10,103-original-miles '64 Dodge 440 giveaway car. She and her husband Norman have attended the show many times in the past, but this is the first time they have ever won anything.

Among the celebrities in attendance was legendary NASCAR driver Buddy Baker, who met fans and signed autographs. Baker's original NASCAR No. 6 Dodge, on loan from the Darlington Raceway Museum, was also on display. The stars of the Dodge Hemi commercials ("Does that thing have a Hemi in it?") were a popular autograph attraction, and Chrysler brought some of its hottest new concept vehicles to the event including the '03 Dodge Tomahawk concept motorcycle, which is powered by Dodge's Viper V-10 engine with 500 hp, has a theoretical top speed of more than 400 mph, and a 0-60-mph time of 2.5 seconds. Others on display included the Dodge Sling Shot, the Airflite sedan-coupe hybrid, and the Dodge M80 pickup truck with a 3.7L, 210hp V-6 engine and four-wheel drive. A special guest, Carl Cameron, was also in attendance to sign autographs and answer questions. Cameron worked for Chrysler Corporation and helped design the '66-'67 Charger, '70 Challenger, and the '67 Dart.

Some very rare and special Dodge DeSotos were also on display, such as the '58 Adventurer (one of only five produced), a gas-powered mini '58 DeSoto Firemite, and the '71 Hemi Cuda convertible from the TV show Nash Bridges.

Musclecar of the Month
'68 Olds Hurst/Olds

Four-barrel carb, four-speed transmission, and dual exhaust = 4-4-2. Oldsmobile's entry into the performance market came to full blossom by 1968, four model years after it debuted in 1965 as an upgrade to the Cutlass model lineup. By 1968 the 4-4-2 incorporated a host of performance enhancements including a high-compression 400ci engine with a fresh air intake, a close-ratio Muncie four-speed transmission, and high-performance sway bars, springs, and shocks.

While the Olds 4-4-2 was getting all the publicity, the folks at Hurst were working with Olds to create a supercar like no other. As noted in an Aug. '68 "Car Craft Magazine Drag Test" by Bob Swaim, there were a number of performance Oldsmobiles offered that year from the 350ci Ram Rod through the 4-4-2. But the '68 Hurst Olds was to steal the show with its special equipment and limited production. The beauty of this magazine drag test was that Doc Watson, the original man behind the Hurst/Olds concept, was in attendance for this legendary event.

(From the original Car Craft article, Aug. '68)"The last car to arrive at the track-but far from the least-was the silver and black Hurst Olds. Immediately everyone in attendance gathered around for their first glimpse of the gargantuan 455ci engine. This car was the first prototype for 515 vehicles, which are now being built at Demmer Tool & Die Company in Lansing, Michigan.

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