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1967 Chevy Camaro - Pro Touring Vs. Pro Street - Cover Story

The Battle For Street Supremacy

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Wheels and tires: 17x9.5-inch American Torq-Thrust II wheels with 274/40ZR17 Michelin XGT tires front; 17x11-inch American Torq-Thrust II wheels with 335/35ZR17-inch Michelin XGT tires, rear

Paint: Roger Conley Sr. performed the bodywork with paint by Maaco

Driving ImpressionsWe didn't actually drive Roger's cars for this story. But I've ridden in both cars and there is a world of difference. The Pro Street car is radical yet streetable. The mild cam and Big Stuff 3 engine management system tame the 1,000hp beast. Yet riders still have to contend with a symphony of sound emanating from the valvetrain and the engine. Then there's the heat that transfers directly through the toe boards because your feet are mere inches from the turbos. Plus there is the constant vibration of the solid-mounted body/chassis/engine combination that never lets you forget that this machine is closer to an IHRA Pro Mod car than it is to your wife's new 300C Chrysler. Roger credits the EFI for why this beast can still knock down 7 mpg in-town mileage. We know some 6.0L Escalades that barely get that!

The Jeffco trans is like a Lenco. The best way to describe it is like a manually shifted automatic where the quicker you move the shift lever, the harder the trans will shift. While Roger is almost constantly moving levers between streetlights, the boulevard psyche factor practically pegs the meter. Cruising around town was fun, but I wouldn't want to drive to Denver in this beast.

Roger emphasizes that the Pro Touring Camaro was always targeted as a daily driver. The key elements that tone this package down and make it streetable are the Tremec T56 six-speed double overdrive manual trans and the Holley Commander 950 EFI system. These two components work together to create a pleasant over-the-road car combined with the Hotchkis/QA-1 ride to present a far more boulevard-friendly machine. When he's cruising down the freeway, the overdrive and EFI will contribute to 15 mpg at the moment, but Roger says he thinks 16 to 17 are achievable with more tuning.

It should come as no shock that the Pro Touring car is better balanced as an overall road car, but when it comes to the pure wow factor, the Pro Street car kills 'em every time.

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