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1993 GMC 350 Pickup - Project Jake, Part III

New Wheels, Tires, And Paint Transform Our '93 Pickup

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We also added a couple more underhood details to convert Jake into a fully dependable daily driver. First, we bolted in an Optima red-top battery for excellent hot-weather starting power. We also spent most of one day under Tim Moore's hoist bolting in a B&M 4L60-E shift improver kit, choosing the least aggressive heavy-duty version and also installing a B&M trans cooler to take some of the heat out the transmission. We also added a Trans Dapt air inlet kit that replaced the factory air inlet silencer and included a high-flow K&N filter and a chrome lid. You can get the lid separately as well.

This whole process required a little longer than just three months to assemble, but now that it's completed, we couldn't be happier. Jake has gone from Cal-Trans freeway parolee to a stylish version of a Southern California cruiser. It tows our trailer and 3,500-pound '65 Chevelle with ease and can handle a serious payload without complaint. It runs great, looks good, handles better, and has been an all-around budget-based success. We bought Jake at an auction for $2,600, and for a total investment of under $8,500 we have an outstanding pickup that can manage 14 mpg while towing a car, makes a perfect junkyard parts-chaser, and yet can also look good at the neighborhood car show. This has been such a fun project that we can't imagine our car-crafting world without Jake.

Power Pulls
Configuration HP LB-FT
Test 1, baseline 140 @ 3,850 200 @ 3,850
Test 2, after-cat exhaust, tune-up 168 @ 4,100 229 @ 3,800
Test 3, above w/headers 167 @ 3,500 237 @ 3,500
Test 4, above w/Hypertech chip 176 @ 4,050 260 @ 3,300
Test 5, above w/Power Charger 184 @ 4,100 268 @ 3,400
Total improvement 44 68
Percentage gain overall 31% 34%
Component Manufacturer Part Number
Wheels, Billet Rally Wheel Vintiques 90-780505
Billet disc brake cap Wheel Vintiques 1047
Tires, Ventus ST Hankook 255/50R17
Locking lug nuts McGard 24109
Steel cowl hood Goodmark 4146-200-881
GM TBI fuel regulator Turbo City 630-130
TBI injector spacer Turbo City 630-105
Air cleaner kit Trans Dapt 2452
Throttle-body spacer Trans Dapt 2534
Truck cover Covercraft see catalog
Shift improver kit B&M 70239
Trick Shift ATF B&M 80286
Trans Supercooler B&M 70266
Hi-temp hose kit Summit/Goodyear GTR-5005
Battery, spiral cell Optima 8004-003
Carpet, black Auto Custom Carpet see Web site
Auto Custom Carpets
PO Box 1350
AL  36202
McGard Inc.
Covercraft Industries
100 Enterprise Blvd.
Pauls Valley
OK  73075
Optima Batteries Inc.
Earl Scheib Paint & Body Summit Racing
P.O. Box 909
OH  44309-0909
Goodmark Industries
625-E Old Norcross Rd.
GA  30045
Trans Dapt Performance Products
Hankook Tire America Corp. Turbo City Inc
K&N Engineering
1455 Citrus Ave.
CA  92502
Wheel Vintiques
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