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1993 GMC 350 Pickup - Project Jake, Part III

New Wheels, Tires, And Paint Transform Our '93 Pickup

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We also added a couple more underhood details to convert Jake into a fully dependable daily driver. First, we bolted in an Optima red-top battery for excellent hot-weather starting power. We also spent most of one day under Tim Moore's hoist bolting in a B&M 4L60-E shift improver kit, choosing the least aggressive heavy-duty version and also installing a B&M trans cooler to take some of the heat out the transmission. We also added a Trans Dapt air inlet kit that replaced the factory air inlet silencer and included a high-flow K&N filter and a chrome lid. You can get the lid separately as well.

This whole process required a little longer than just three months to assemble, but now that it's completed, we couldn't be happier. Jake has gone from Cal-Trans freeway parolee to a stylish version of a Southern California cruiser. It tows our trailer and 3,500-pound '65 Chevelle with ease and can handle a serious payload without complaint. It runs great, looks good, handles better, and has been an all-around budget-based success. We bought Jake at an auction for $2,600, and for a total investment of under $8,500 we have an outstanding pickup that can manage 14 mpg while towing a car, makes a perfect junkyard parts-chaser, and yet can also look good at the neighborhood car show. This has been such a fun project that we can't imagine our car-crafting world without Jake.

Power Pulls
Configuration HP LB-FT
Test 1, baseline 140 @ 3,850 200 @ 3,850
Test 2, after-cat exhaust, tune-up 168 @ 4,100 229 @ 3,800
Test 3, above w/headers 167 @ 3,500 237 @ 3,500
Test 4, above w/Hypertech chip 176 @ 4,050 260 @ 3,300
Test 5, above w/Power Charger 184 @ 4,100 268 @ 3,400
Total improvement 44 68
Percentage gain overall 31% 34%
Component Manufacturer Part Number
Wheels, Billet Rally Wheel Vintiques 90-780505
Billet disc brake cap Wheel Vintiques 1047
Tires, Ventus ST Hankook 255/50R17
Locking lug nuts McGard 24109
Steel cowl hood Goodmark 4146-200-881
GM TBI fuel regulator Turbo City 630-130
TBI injector spacer Turbo City 630-105
Air cleaner kit Trans Dapt 2452
Throttle-body spacer Trans Dapt 2534
Truck cover Covercraft see catalog
Shift improver kit B&M 70239
Trick Shift ATF B&M 80286
Trans Supercooler B&M 70266
Hi-temp hose kit Summit/Goodyear GTR-5005
Battery, spiral cell Optima 8004-003
Carpet, black Auto Custom Carpet see Web site
Wheel Vintiques
Turbo City Inc
Goodmark Industries
625-E Old Norcross Rd.
GA  30045
Earl Scheib Paint & Body
McGard Inc. Summit Racing
P.O. Box 909
OH  44309-0909
Covercraft Industries
100 Enterprise Blvd.
Pauls Valley
OK  73075
Optima Batteries Inc.
Hankook Tire America Corp. Auto Custom Carpets
PO Box 1350
AL  36202
Trans Dapt Performance Products K&N Engineering
1455 Citrus Ave.
CA  92502
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