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1993 GMC 350 Pickup - Project Jake, Part II

More Bolt-On Tbi Power And Other Practical Mods

Photography by Jeff "Smith,"

The key to this little piece is that throttle-body injectors don't breathe from the top because the injectors are in the way. Instead, they breathe from the sides. The soup bowl merely creates a gentler radius that enhances lateral airflow, thus making more power. Simple, no?

Tow To Go
Since we plan to use our orange beast to tow trailers and act like a real truck and live up to its blue-collar roots, we needed a trailer hitch.

Perusing the pages of the Summit Racing catalog, we spotted a budget-based Class III hidden-hitch setup along with a fiberglass roll pan and a flip-up license plate assembly that was exactly what we were looking for. We also added the spare tire relocator kit, and we were ready after a few hours of effort. While we were on this utility kick, we also called Penda and popped in an under-rail, non-skid bedliner along with a set of very slick stainless steel Hide-a-hook tie-downs. Now we can tie down those engines in the bed without worrying about them sliding around.

If there's one knock on the stock GMC/Chevy 1500 pickups, it's that their stock ride height makes them look more like a 4x4. So we called the guys at Eibach for a set of their special front springs that lowered the front of the truck by 3 inches along with a hanger set out back to lower the truck 4 inches. While we were working on the suspension, we also added a set of Edelbrock's trick new IAS Performer shocks. The total installation required only about four hours on Moore Automotive's hoist. Now that it's completed, we have a truck that looks more aggressive and can actually take on the corners with more confidence. We purposefully kept the ride height out of the weeds since this would make towing or hauling heavy loads more challenging, and we're ecstatic with the results.

So far, the Jake approach has been to lean on its power-broker status by adding torque and horsepower without sacrificing road manners or economy. We've also added a tremendous amount of utility by bolting on the Penda bedliner and the Summit hidden hitch assembly. For our third installment, we've got some image makeover plans that will give Jake a fresh new look with new paint, wheels, tires, and maybe even some new tunes to go along with all that power. Stay tuned-Jake just keeps getting better.

Power Pulls
Configuration HP TQ
Test 1 baseline 140 @ 3,850 200 @ 3,850
Test 2, after-cat exhaust, tune-up 168 @ 4,100 229 @ 3,800
Test 3, above w/headers 167 @ 3,500 237 @ 3,500
Test 4, above w/Hypertech chip 176 @ 4,050 260 @ 3,300
Test 5, above w/Power Charger 184 @ 4,100 268 @ 3,400
Total improvement 44 hp 68 lb-ft
Percentage gain overall 34% 34%
Component Manufacturer Part Number
Headers, 151/48-inch, 50-state-legal DynoMax 88717
Y-pipe, 3-inch JBA 2830Y
Coating for headers HPC HV8S10
Coating for Y-pipe HPC PIPSM10
Computer chip, 350 TBI Hypertech 153722
TBI Power Charger adapter Hypertech 4001
Bedliner, under-rail Penda 41004X
Stainless Steel Hide-A-Hook Penda universal
Hood, cowl induction, steel Goodmark 4146-200-881
Hidden trailer hitch Summit SUMG-101000
Roll pan, fiberglass Summit SUMG-201110
Sport mirrors Summit SUMG-6220
Wide view rearview mirror AllView Smartclip
Pro-Truck system, 2-inch front, 4-inch rear Eibach  
Performer IAS shocks, front Edelbrock 3345
Performer IAS shocks, rear Edelbrock 3445
JBA Headers and Performance Products
San Diego
Summit Racing
P.O. Box 909
OH  44309-0909
DynoMax Performance AllView Mirros Corp.
Goodmark Industries
625-E Old Norcross Rd.
GA  30045
Hypertech Inc.
High Performance Coatings
Eibach Springs
17817 Gillette Ave.
CA  92614
Penda Products Edelbrock
Dept. 5.0
2700 California St.
CA  90503
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