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1968 Dodge Dart SS/A - Weapon Of Mopar Destruction

Wayne Tunis May Own The Ultimate Hemi A-Bomb

Photography by Geoff Stunkard,

WT: I really like the '67-'69 Dodge A-Body size, shape, and styling. It has that sleeper look and yet is capable of serious handling and performance without much difficulty. It has appealed to me since day one. A '69 Dart Swinger 340 was my first Mopar and saw me through many youthful adventures and therefore has a special, personal attraction for me.
CC: We know those Hurst Hemi cars were pretty brutal; John changed a lot to make it streetable. How do you like the way this car rides compared to, say, your Hemi convertible?
WT: This car is still pretty brutal compared to something like my Hemicuda convertible, which seems almost civilized relative to the Dart. The modern, streetable modifications greatly assist in handling, shifting, and braking, but the overall experience is one of overwhelming, raw power. There's no substitute for cubic inches. It's a stiff, noisy, all-encompassing ride guaranteed to bring on perma-grin lasting much longer than the ride itself!

CC: Do you plan to try and race the car at all?
WT: I have no plans to race it, but I'm planning a trip to the track just to see what it's capable of.

CC: It seems like car guys in Canada build and own some pretty cool stuff. Tell us a little about the street scene in Edmonton right now.
WT: Considering our short collector car season here in Edmonton, the number and variety of really nice cars never ceases to amaze me. Our Edmonton Mopar Club ( has about 130 members, many with more than one car. Numerous other clubs also meet regularly all summer with cruise nights, as well as show and shines or perhaps a bigger show almost every weekend. You can pretty well see it all up here, from prewar rods to musclecars of all types to current-day highly modified imports.

The Details

Car: '68 Dodge Dart Super Stock SS/A street replica

Owner: Wayne Tunis, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Builder: John Balow, Musclecar Restorations, Chippewa Falls, WI

Engine: 528ci MP Hemi by Ray Barton

Block and heads: Mopar Performance, massaged

Induction: Original '68 Super Stock intake with two Holleys

Camshaft: Barton custom solid lift 0.583/0.573, 257/263 at 0.050

Power: Lots

Transmission: Keisler/Tremec TKO II

Rearend: Dana 60 with 3.54 SureGrip

Front suspension: Upgraded torsion bars, Hemi K-frame, Quickor Suspension 1.13 sway bar

Rear suspension: Relocated Super Stock springs, pinion snubber

Brakes: Baer 11-inch discs on all corners

Wheels: Stockton TQ w/225/70R15 Radial TAs (front) and 315/70R15 Drag Radials (rear)

Body mods: Carbon-fiber parts, Super Stock equipment installation

Paint: PPG Viper Red basecoat/clearcoat, by MCR

Interior: Year One '68-era, radio delete plate, Electric-Life power windows

Cost: More than an original SS/AA car brings today!

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