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1970 Chevy Chevelle - The Ultimate Street Machine

The Ultimate Street Machine Is A 1970 Chevy Chevelle

Photography by Jamie Seymour

After all that abuse, we're proud to announce that Cheap Street will be making a stupendous comeback. To commemorate Car Craft's 50th anniversary, we're rebuilding Cheap Street from the ground up into our vision of the ultimate street machine for the 21st century. Forget about Pro Touring and Pro Street. We'll keep the basic graphics and the vinyl top you've come to recognize on Cheap Street, but under the skin it'll be a mix of the old and new. A new/used frame from Memory Lane Collector Car Dismantlers is already at Hot Rods To Hell getting sand-blasted, powdercoated, and outfitted with a trick NASCAR-inspired rear suspension. The big-block will be carbureted, but blown, and it'll fit under the hood; the 4L80 is staying. The Chevelle will be superbly painted in a scintillating House of Kolor hue, but it will basically be stock-appearing both inside and out. We're keeping the bench seat and rollbar, but adding 13-inch disc brakes and 18-inch wheels for a look that brings the classic musclecar ethos in line with modern styling.

We won't spring all our ideas on you at once, but you can tell from the illustration that the basic look of the car won't change that much. It's what's on the inside that counts. So be sure to follow along and watch the rebirth of the Ultimate Street Machine. We're taking Cheap Street to a whole new level.

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