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Car Craft covers so many other types of cars that we couldn’t possibly make categories for them all. Some of these amazing cars include old Buicks, Cadillacs, DeTomaso, Eagle, Holden, Jeeps, Lincolns, and more. Get a buffet of great custom cars below, and yes… it is all you can eat.
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Car Craft Forum

AMC 360??
Edelbrock has heads..... how much you looking to spend? It's nice to see a build on something a bit... more
350 Chevy into AMC Hornet body
Being an AMC Fan Addict. And owning a few over the years I'm happy to see old AMC's on the... more
I am a Ford guy but the AMC stuff is cool . I like it alot . Very original. The cars are unique and... more
I'm glad CC is showing some AMC'S.Where other magazines seem to cover only cameros and... more
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