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Bruce Wilson 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger

There Is Nothing Sad About Having One Of The Coolest One-Of-A-Kind Mopars Around

Imagine your dad gave you a ’72 Dodge Dart Swinger for your first car. That would be cool. Now imagine you gave it back to him in order to buy a Mazda MX3 when you left for college. Definitely not cool. How do you make a misguided kid like this see the error of his ways? Bruce Wilson took the rejected, dinged-to-death Dart and made it into as bitchin’ a Dart as we’ve ever seen, which is saying something. He styled it, shaved it, and dropped a big-block in it. He drives it constantly, wins prizes with it, and basically rubs it in. We can’t blame poor Bruce for teaching his kid a lesson. Some of you might feel bad for a father whose son has strayed, but there is nothing sad about having one of the coolest one-of-a-kind Mopars around. Besides, that thing about his kid is just a convenient excuse. He would have done it all anyway.

The door handles, mirrors, side-marker lights, emblems, and radio antenna have been removed, and all trim has been blacked out. Bruce added a third brake light and a factory-looking Ford Probe gas door. The bumper bolts were welded, shaved, dechromed, and painted. The Evergreen Pearl and Evergreen Frost PPG basecoat/clearcoat paint replaced the dingy gold color that swathed it when Bruce’s now-infamous son Keith drove it in high school. The stock dash was customized with Auto Meter gauges, and Bruce drowns out his son’s pleading cries to have the Dart back with a killer Alpine sound system.

Bruce frightens bystanders with his 0.040-over 440, which includes Speed-Pro forged pistons, a Mopar Performance Purple Shaft Hemi-grind cam with 0.484/0.484-inch lift and 280/280-degree advertised duration, pocket-ported 915-casting closed-chamber heads, MP springs and retainers, Crane roller rockers, an Edelbrock Performer intake, and a Carter 750-cfm AFB carb. The 15/8-inch-primary Schumacher Creative Services headers and dual three-chamber Flowmasters set off the car alarms.

Bruce isn’t the type of guy who builds a car and then sells it to start another project when he’s finished. He and his wife, Carmel, already have a ’41 Chevy Coup and a ’55 Chevy 210 two-door post, and can’t imagine getting rid of either of them, so they’re searching for a new house with more garage space. It looks like the Dart is gonna stick around for a while.

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