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Project Car Update

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There are a thousand tiny details involved in getting a race car to run, and a million more when the car needs to look good and operate on the street. This Dodge Demon is a rescue from an abandoned back-half project we found on Craigslist in November 2010. Its purpose was to provide good car-building stories for the magazine and show you could build an entire race car using We think it did its job.

1. JMS Racing Engines in El Monte, California, built the 5.7L Hemi from an '06 Dodge Ram truck. Using a rotator from K1, the engine now displaces 392 inches and makes about 800 hp using a pair of 67mm turbos from Comp Turbo. No track times—yet.

2. The polycarbonate windows are from Alston Racecars. The "How To" is coming up.

3. You can't see them here, but The Harpoon laid down a killer set of lace panels on the hood, roof, and deck after Elite Restoration in Paramount, California, straightened the body and added a Blue Fire base.

4. The Harpoon added Freak Dots to the sail panel using a mixture of True Blue and Laser Blue Candy paints.

5. Brakes are Wilwood Forged Dynalites.

6. That tube is the exhaust coming off the driver-side turbo. The "mufflers" are Mini Bullets from Dynomax and the exhaust turbine. Not too loud. Or maybe staffers are deaf.

7. It sits right because of a complete Chris Alston chassis featuring the Battle Cruiser four-link and front clip. Everything is adjustable. Maybe not a good thing

8. The rear wheels are vintage 15x10 U.S. Indy Mags with an Ol' Brass powdercoat from Andrew's in The Valley. The fronts are 15x4.5 Gasser E/T Wheels from Speedway Motors.

Projects: Present and Future

'87 Ford Mustang Ron Burgundy

To the displeasure of safety officials everywhere, we apologize for our gleeful tone, but we met our goal of getting kicked off the track; Grant Peterson made a 6.85-second eighth-mile pass at Irwindale, with a trap speed of 104 mph. That's roughly the equivalent of 10.80s in the quarter-mile. At the timing shack, track officials cut his wristband off, saying not to come back until he had a rollcage in the thing. We aren't advocating flaunting safety regulations, we were more pleased that our turbocharged Fox-body Mustang made a 10-second pass, basically right out of the box. We are impressed with the power generated by the Hellion turbo kit, the Ford Racing 363 small-block, Holley's HP EFI system, and Maximum Motorsports' suspension. Everything works great. Even better, the engine is docile enough that Grant can use it as a daily driver. You gotta love turbochargers.

Next up is a rollcage and official track times. Maybe Grant will crank the boost up and see how close he can get to the 9s.

'80 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Here's a car we're excited about. One of our street-racer friends found this Cutlass for us: a bracket car with a glovebox full of 11.00 time slips and cool, old speed parts. It's got a small-block Chevy under the hood, a TH400 trans, a 12-bolt rear with 4.11:1 gears, and a solid rollbar inside. We bought it for a really low price from the original owner's widow. The car has been sitting for several years, so there's some dry rot in the fuel system and some missing and worn-out parts. Overall, the car is solid and in great shape, and the engine made good numbers when we checked the compression.

We are going to keep this a track car. The first order of business is to get it running, fix any leaks and safety issues, take it to the track, and see what kind of numbers it can post. Let us know what you'd like to see us do from there. Weighing in at 3,200 pounds, it should run 10.10s if we dropped our 600hp Blue Collar 454 in. Or this could be a good platform for Ultimate Street or X275 Outlaw drag radial racing—a 28 x 10.5 tire will fit back there.

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