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1966 Chevrolet Chevelle - The Affliction Chevelle

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Affliction is a clothing company, not a problem with car owner Matt Hunt. The car is a publicity machine, plain and simple. It was built by Matt to attract attention and advertise a clothing company with the same name.

In the past decade, reaching a youth automotive market meant building an import car. Matt was an innovator with Supra parts, building one of the first 1,000hp street cars back in the '90s. He was also the first guy to put a full-body Supra in the 10s when the Battle of the Imports programs were raging. As times changed, Matt became involved with a television show as a subcontractor and noticed that as the import scene faded, the American muscle-car culture was as strong as ever. Through the television deal, he met an enthusiast who contracted him to build street machines for members of the NFL and rich guys overseas. In the last 10 years, Matt's company evolved from Under Pressure, an import builder, to Matt Hunt Muscle Cars (MHMC).

This '66 Chevelle is his latest project, contracted by Eric Foss at Affliction Clothing. The vision came together when John Moss (an artist for Affliction), Matt, and Eric looked to Top Fuel, early Winston Cup cars, street machines, and even movies like Mad Max and Deathproof for inspiration. The car is a mix of all the mediums. "I wanted the car to be a magnet," Matt says. "I wanted guys to crawl all over it to see what I did."

Starting as an average '66 Malibu with a 307 and an automatic, Matt and the crew at MHMC in Westminster, California, put the car together in less than a year. The plan was hatched to take the car on the circuit including marketing events and trade shows, track days at Streets of Willow, and local car shows like Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach, California, where we first saw the car. If you want to see this car in person, check it out at the '13 SEMA show in Vegas or Google "Affliction Chevelle and Matt Hunt Muscle Cars" to see where the car will be next. This one will catch your eye.

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