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Midwest Street Machines - Crazy 8s

In this wild pack of Midwest street machines, big-blocks, fogger nozzles, and 8-second timeslips are the norm. Watch and learn

By Stephen Kim, Photography by Stephen Kim

8s In a Brick
1955 Chevy 3100
Brian Schimmel
Waterford, WI

Getting a 3,660-pound brick to run 8s is a seriously heroic achievement, and Brian built a 555ci big-block Chevy to make it happen. Based on a Bowtie block, the combo utilizes a Callies crank, Oliver rods, JE 13.0:1 pistons, a Cam Motion 286/306-at-0.050 solid roller, BMF Racing 350cc cylinder heads, a Profiler intake manifold, a Braswell 1,150-cfm Dominator carb, and a 300hp hit of nitrous. The power feeds into a TH400 trans and a ’57 Olds rearend, and getting it all to hook on modest 31x10x15 slicks required lots of creativity. “With the big-block, the truck had a frontend weight bias of 57 percent. To even things out, we put a Heidts Mustang II suspension up front and moved the radiator, trans cooler, and battery to the back,” Brian explains. “That reduced the weight on the nose to 52 percent. To help with weight transfer, we installed double-adjustable QA1 coilovers and a custom four-link. We also boxed the stock frame.”

Not surprisingly, the truck’s interior has a few endearing quirks as well. Among the most heroic touches is a hole that’s been mercilessly hacked into the original steel dash to mount the nitrous gauge because, of course, buying an aftermarket gauge pod would have been far too fancy. Likewise, masquerading as carpet are some random pieces of fabric Brian found in a hardware store. Just when we thought the mystique of this truck couldn’t get any cooler, Brian dropped the ultimate bomb on us: “I love how beat up this truck looks, but the funny thing is that my dad owns a body shop.”

By Stephen Kim
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