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1965 Chevy Chevelle 300 Deluxe - The Final Tune

Mark Gjavenis' '65 Chevrolet Chevelle 300 Deluxe.

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Tech Specs
What: '65 Chevrolet Chevelle 300 Deluxe

Owner: Mark Gjavenis

Hometown: Apple Valley, Minnesota, which is in the same state as the '07 Car Craft Nationals coming in July

Engine: After seeing the 900hp engine we built in the Oct. '05 issue, Mark decided to step up and build a similar version. Seagar's Racing Engines in Bloomington, Minnesota, prepped the Dart Big M block with a 4.500 bore and added a Callies DragonSlayer 4.250-inch crank for 540 inches. The cam is a Comp hydraulic roller with 254/256 duration at 0.050 and 0.647-inch lift. Using JE pistons, the static compression ratio is 9.4:1, and with 10 pounds of boost, the dyno sheet read 1,060 hp at 6,100 and 920 lb-ft at 5,900 rpm.

Heads: Those guys at AFR CNC-ported a set of 335 heads and raised the exhaust port 0.400 to help get the used boost into the 2.250-inch primary headers that were handbuilt by Scott Davidson at Monster Fab.

Blower: The ProCharger uses a 50-tooth pulley to produce the 10 pounds of boost, spins at 68,000 rpm maximum, and is capable of 1,300 hp. The supercharger was purchased used off of Chris Singleton's Drag Radial '67 Nova. "I went to the (Chris') Web site and saw the car. The only thing that was touching the ground was the rear bumper." The rest of the brackets and the big blow-off valve were purchased new from ProCharger.

Intake: Mark ran out of ports on the Edelbrock Victor Jr. 454-R manifold to feed all the vacuum-assisted doodads the supercharger requires, so he added a spacer. His next project is to drill a few holes for more vacuum ports.

Ignition: What made the whole thing work was the addition of the MSD Ignition Multi-Function Ignition Controller with boost. The MSD acts as an accessory to the existing MSD ignition system to control the timing of every cylinder, map a complete timing curve, pull timing out during the launch, and set rev limits, curves, and pretty much everything else related to timing and boost.

Fuel system: Just a few weeks before the CC Nationals, the car would stumble around then suddenly go like a bat out of hell. Mark brought it to a chassis dyno at High Tech Motorsports, where the techs backed off the boost and adjusted the blow-through Demon 850's fuel curve and the Aeromotive pressure regulator.

Cool: The little piece of tape on the steering wheel is for reference if the car ever lifts the wheels. The switches that say "fast" and "faster" are from the car's nitrous days. Now instead of arming the nitrous, they run the water and fuel pumps.

Transmission: The custom Powerglide was handbuilt by Coan Transmissions with a 1.76 First gear and a 3,800 stall. There is no transbrake; it is left-leg-only off the line.

Suspension: Looking for weight transfer, Mark ditched the stock shocks for a set of QA1s for some launch control. The rear uses Edelbrock boxed control arms, Competition Engineering three-way adjustable shocks, and Moroso springs.

Body: Looking for the ultimate 1,000hp sleeper, Mark tried to keep the stock steel hood, but after he was forced to use a spacer and plumb in a fitting for the boost-referenced goodies, blow-off valve, and boost gauge, the additional height required him to use a short cowl.

Rearend: The 9-inch housing is slightly narrowed for the 275 M/T Drag Radials, but the stock spring location and wheeltubs remain. He told us, "I am not going to tub the car, I'd rather keep it original and just burn rubber everywhere."

Wheels/Tires: Do we have to tell you those are Weld Draglites? They are classic 15x4 fronts with M/T Sportsmans and 15x8s with M/T 275/60R-15 ET Drag Radials.

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