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Junkyard Parts - Performance In the Junkyard

Think late-model salvage has nothing to offer? Not so. You Can find some great performance parts in the junkyard. We did.

Photography by Terry McGean

We go on and on about the junkyards here in Southern California, but since most of us aren't actually from the area, we know that a lot of the stuff we come across isn't actually that common in other parts of the country-and many of you remind us regularly. For that reason, we've decided to do another junkyard crawl, but this time, we're going to focus on the later-model stuff that should be occupying yards coast to coast. There are tons of useful parts and pieces that can be pirated from newer vehicles and put into service on vintage street machines, but some of the good stuff is easy to overlook. Check out what we recently came across, and keep your eyes and your mind open.

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