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1985 C4 Corvette - Why Ask Y?

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Photography by Steve Magnante

*1984 was the peak year for C4 production, with 51,547 built. That's a whole lot of L83 Cross-Fire cars to avoid.
*The peak year for L98 Corvette production was 1985, with 39,729 built.
*The least-produced L98 is the '91, with 20,639 coupes and convertibles built.
*LT1 production peaked in 1994, with 22,882 built. That's 300 horses, baby.
*The '90 ZR2 Corvette-engineering mule car featured 454 Rat power and EFI. Considered as a possible stopgap between the base L98 mill and the super-expensive LT5, it never reached production, despite being shown to the press.

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