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1965 Mustang Fastback - Garage Built, Vintage Vibe

Denton Miller's '65 Fastback

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Ignition: Denton uses an MSD 6BTM and a Pro-Billet distributor to control boost-induced detonation. The 6BTM is boost referenced and preset by a dial mounted under the dash. For every pound of boost the box sees, it retards the corresponding amount of timing.

Interior: One of the boxes in Denton's garage was full of upholstery, but it was blue and he wanted black. He sold the stuff on eBay and bought a new interior from Hilltop in Escondido. Julie helped with the chrome accents and the rollbar. Behind the sunvisor is a stereo face from Custom Autosound. It's AM/FM and controls a 1,000-watt amp and CD changer in the trunk.

Rearend: The cool thing about Ford rearends is the removable third member. Denton bought a complete 3.25 unit with a limited slip and bolted it in.

Supercharger: Paradise Wheels purchased the original tooling for the '65, '67, and '69-'70 Shelby Mustang Paxton supercharger kit, and the company builds new ones in two forms. The original kit has a blue-painted compressor and brackets and pulleys specific to original Shelby Mustangs. The kit Denton purchased is universal in the sense that it will fit most '60s and '70s V-8 Fords. It comes with all the parts and a trick boost-referenced mechanical fuel pump. The Cobra enclosure is also from the original Granatelli design and hides a Demon 650 carb, also provided by Paradise. The kit adds 35 percent more power at 5-7 pounds of boost.

Suspension: Denton put the "not-for-street-use" Grab-a-Trak suspension kit on it. The Polygraphite bushings and heavy-duty sway bars and lowering springs brought it down, and the 17s brought it back up. He says, "The downside to the suspension is that it rattles stuff loose. You have to make sure everything is snug. It makes it that much more fun to drive."

Transmission: It's a pretty basic rebuilt four-speed with a stock clutch.

Wheels/tires: It was love at first sight with the 17x8 Torq-Thrust IIs. They have 4.75-inch backspacing and 235/45R17 Yokohama A530 tires.

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