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The G-Spot Corvair

This story is classic Car Craft fare. Mike Meyers is a Corvair fan, butnot to the exclusion of other makes and models. Mike bought this '69Corvair mainly for its engine but then discovered he couldn't even givethe body away. One day he was debating whether to cut it up when an ideabegan to form. He measured the wheelbase and track width of an '85 MonteCarlo G-body chassis he had sitting at his shop and discovered that theCorvair body could fit.

Ultimately, by hacking the entire floor out of the Corvair and trimmingthe front and rear frame horns off the Monte chassis, Mike had a decentfit. "When I saw that a TPI manifold would clear the stock hood, that'swhen I knew I had to build this car." This was no cakewalk, since Mikehad to fabricate a new firewall and floorpan, but now a complete '88Vette TPI motor is in place along with a narrowed 12-bolt and anautomatic trans.

Mike says the Corvair only weighs 3,000 pounds and is a blast to drive.He's even taken it to the dragstrip, knocking down a respectable 13.30.Look closely and you'll see the simple nitrous system that kicks thee.t. down to 12.60s. So beware the Corvair.

Sweet 16

We ran across this rascal at the Cruise for a Cure car show a whileback. It's a basic T-bucket with a run-of-the-mill small-blockChevy-based V-16. Mathon Engineering in New Jersey is responsible forthis effort, welding two small-block 350 blocks together while alsomaking a custom intake manifold to accommodate the dual four-barrelcarbs. This mild 700ci monster makes 550 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. Ifyou want to see this beast in person, you can catch it at the PetersenAutomotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.

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