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'64 Nova

Jerry Coleman's 406ci '64 Nova Bruiser

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Car Craft Q&A

Car Craft: What do you like best about the Nova?

Jerry Coleman: I like the way it looks, the stance that it has, and the attention that it gets.

CC: What was the most difficult part of building the car?

JC: Designing the Mustang II frontend and getting the bumpsteer to work out so it would align properly.

CC: You painted the car in your garage. How did that work?

JC: It was a mess. It was difficult to keep the dust down so we could paint the car. Just after we had finished and while it was drying, someone accidentally turned the clothes dryer on that was also in the garage and all the lint ended up in the paint. My buddy Dave Powell helped me sand and paint the entire car both times.

The Details

Car: '64 Chevy Nova
Owner: Jerry Coleman, Yucaipa, California
Engine: 406ci small-block (0.030-over 400 ci)
Heads: Dart Iron Eagle 200cc, mild porting, 2.08/1.60-inch Manley valves
Induction: Weiand Team G, 750-cfm Holley carb
Camshaft: Herbert solid flat-tappet, 300/310 degrees advertised duration with 0.500-inch lift, Crane 1.5:1 roller rockers
Transmission: TH350, Converter Shop 3,200-stall converter
Rearend: Owner-narrowed 9-inch, Currie 31-spline axles, 4.56 gears, Detroit Locker
Front suspension: Mustang II, owner-built front subframe, rack-and-pinion steering
Rear suspension: Owner-built subframe, tubs, four-point rollbar, Mopar B-body leaf springs
Brakes: Mustang II front discs, 10-inch with Ford 11-inch discs in rear
Wheels and tires: 15x4 Cragars with BFGoodrich 165/R15s, front; 15x15 Cragars with 31x18.5-15 M/Ts, rear
Interior: Owner-built tweed interior, custom flamed door panels, aluminum CD cover, Crow 3-inch seatbelts, Auto Meter Ultra-Lite tach, speedo, oil pressure, temp, and volt gauges
Body mods: Owner-built billet grille, custom parking light extensions, fiberglass hoodscoop, wheelwell opening stretched 1 ½ inches, custom aluminum 12-gallon fuel tank, shaved emblem
Paint: Acrylic Urethane by owner and Dave Powell
Cost to Build: $10,000

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