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2010 Car Craft Engine Swap Drags/ Anti Tour Information Update - Urgent Changes

Enter your late-model-powered pre-'92 street machine to race for magazine glory

Engine Swap Drags (ESD)
Saturday March 27th, 2010
ATTENTION! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the ESD has changed venues. The event will take place at
Firebird Raceway
20000 South Maricopa Road
Chandler, AZ
(602) 323-2000

Engine Swap Drag/ Anti Tour Details
We are going to meet on Friday, March 26, 2010 at 831 S. Douglas St. in El Segundo, CA for the Anti Tour that will be going to Phoenix for the Engine Swap Drags at Firebird International Raceway. The Anti Tour is open to any reader who wishes to join us, even if you do not want to race in the ESD. We will leave at 9 a.m. for Arizona stopping at random locations for gas and food.

On Friday night, there will be a test 'n' tune at the racetrack if you want to practice. You will have to pass tech and pay the standard gate fee/tech fee set by Firebird International Raceway.

On Saturday, March 27, 2010, we will meet at the track at 9 a.m. After paying your gate/tech fee proceed to the Firebird International Raceway tech lanes to receive a number then proceed to the ESD corral where CC staffers will check your car to see if it meets the ESD requirements.

When racing begins, each car will proceed to the ESD lane and complete two passes. These times will be used to place you on a ladder for heads-up eliminations. Sandbagging will not be tolerated. We will have a driver meeting before eliminations to be announced on Saturday. Winners of the Mopar, Ford, and Chevy category will get a prize. The fastest overall car will get a Car Craft Engine Swap Drags jacket and magazine glory. All ESD competitors will get coverage in the magazine. Please remember this event is to show off your car in Car Craft magazine and have a lot of fun.

Got an early street machine with a late-model engine? If you do, the Car Craft Engine Swap drags are for you. The rules are simple. Show up in a pre-'92 model year street machine with a late-model engine and race heads-up against other engine swappers for magazine glory. We are looking for everyday street car bodies and wicked late-model motors. If you have what it takes, all you have to do is show up at Firebird Raceway in Chandler, Arizona, pass tech and get your number. This event is open to anyone that meets the requirements.

Each car is guaranteed a spot in Car Craft Magazine, the largest street machine publication in the world. If you win this thing, you won't meet the guy at a car show who doesn't know it.

There will be a test and tune lane offered on Friday, March, 26th and eliminations on Saturday. Each competitor will get a number. This isn't an invitation only event but we'd like to know you're coming. Send us an e-mail at with ESD in the subject line.


  • Any car with a GM LS engine, Ford Modular engine, or Chrysler 5.7 or 6.1L Hemi engine in a pre-'92 body qualifies.
  • Any tire is legal.
  • Rear-wheel drive domestic vehicles only. No front-wheel, four-wheel drive, imports, or motorcycles/trikes.
  • All vehicles must adhere to the NHRA rules for e.t. and mph. Cars will be inspected by Firebird International Raceway officials using their tech lines. This race will be run as a class during a regular race event.
  • Carburetors or factory/aftermarket engine controllers are allowed.
  • Blocks and engines must be of the same generation. (ie: no LS heads on Gen 1 small blocks etc...)
  • Any fuel is allowed
  • Races will be heads up using a Sportsman tree: Normally Aspirated (N/A) in one class and Power-Adder cars in a separate class.
  • Vehicles must have current registration, insurance, and a rear license plate. Vehicles must have working headlights, and brake lights.
  • Vehicles must have a complete interior, glass, carpet, and upholstery. No sheetmetal interiors.
  • No tube chassis. Bolt-on aftermarket front subframes and bolt-on aftermarket pro-touring type frames are allowed. Air bag/spring suspension is allowed. Back half cars are allowed. No fiberglass (except Corvette) or fliptop bodies.
  • No decals logos or names can be painted or placed on the body of the car. Driver name is allowed on the window along with any CC logos or mandatory sponsor stickers.

Q: Can I swap a GM engine into a non-GM car?
A: Yes. As long as the car is pre-'92.

Q: What do I win?
A: The fastest Ford, Chevy, and Mopar will win an individual prize awarded from a manufacturer, and the King of the Hill with the best overall e.t. will win a Car Craft ESD jacket and magazine glory.

Q: Can I use an aftermarket block?
A: Yes. As long as it meets the criteria.

Q: Can I run race gas?
A: Yes. Any fuel is permitted.

Q: Can I run a carburetor?
A: You may run either EFI or a carburetor.

Q: Can I run LS heads on my Gen I Chevrolet small block?
A: No. The block and heads must match be from the same design generation.

Q: Can I bring a truck?
A: Yes, but no four-wheel or front-wheel drive vehicles.

Q: Can I bring an RX7?
A: Domestic RWD vehicles only. No imports please.

Q: Can I bring my '32?
A: 1955 to 1992 body styles only. No fiberglass, rails, dragsters, or kit cars.

Q: Can I run nitromethane?
A: You must follow Firebird International Raceway's technical rules. Nitro is illegal.

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