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Cheap Street and Event Schedule - Heads Up News

8.39 at 164 mph on Radials!NMCA Drag Radial racer Troy Pirez may be the undisputed king of Radial. With his '70 Silver Bullet Nova sporting a 511ci big-block, 15:1 compression, and a healthy dose of nitrous through a Nitrous Express Shark Fogger system, Pirez entered the Southern Outlaw series held at Bradenton Motorsports Park for a little test and tune prior to the NMCA's '03 season open in Atlanta. In 100 percent legal BFGoodrich Drag Radial Eliminator trim, the bullet blasted to a staggering 8.39 at 164 mph. It looks like Pirez has done his homework during the off-season and is packing some serious heat in an effort to take the championship title. Does this mean we may get a chance to witness the first-ever 7-second blast on radials? Probably not this year, but then again, anything's possible.

Race Class SpotlightPSCA: Heavy Street116-0305-HUN-class-TKLet's face it, not every street machine can trim down enough iron to be competitive in some heads-up classes. While some may view gutting their prized ride as a minor inconvenience, not everyone wants to relegate their weekend cruiser to weekend warrior status or be forced to race only in bracket programs. Recognizing this, the Pacific Street Car Association series has added a new Heavy Street program for the '03 season.

Heavy Street caters to old school tube chassis and back-halved cars with a minimum weight of 3,500 pounds. The rules are very basic with no restrictions on cubic inches, heads, transmissions, or tire size. Only gasoline and alcohol with a single power adder are permitted (no nitro), and you get a slight weight break for competing with a nitrous small-block, using 29x10.5 or smaller tires, or by having a ladder-bar chassis with unaltered rear framerails. Other than that, all cars must retain original appearance. This new class promises to deliver some wild freight trains in motion. For detailed rules and race schedules, log onto

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