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Cheap Street and Event Schedule - Heads Up News

Car Craft Sponsors Cheap StreetThe PRO Fastest Street Car racing series Cheap Street class is now called Car Craft Magazine Cheap Street! That's right, we're an official class sponsor. Most seasoned readers should know how fitting that title is. We've always been a proponent of low-buck performance, and we feel that this class best represents our style.

Last year we introduced you to the newly formed PRO Series Cheap Street class, which was quickly labeled the ultimate "real world" class designed as an affordable entry-level power-adder arena for street-equipped cars and trucks. The rules allow carbureted 365ci engines with a base weight of 3,250 pounds, but competitors can build up to 385ci engines with a weight penalty of 10 pounds per cubic inch. Other than that, all cars must use stock-style suspension, any street or race tire measuring no larger than 26.5 inches tall and 10.2 inches wide, any OEM transmission using planetary gears, a single-stage nitrous system limited to a 0.083-inch nitrous jet, and a limited selection of heads. Fairly basic, but the real kicker is the claimer rule.

The claimer rule allows any competitor who qualifies in the top five of a minimum eight-car field to claim either the winner's or the runner-up's engine for the sum of $3,000. As long as the claim is made to a PRO official within the allotted 10 minutes of the final round, the claimer receives the entire long-block from intake manifold to oil pan, including (but not limited to) the following parts: short-block, flexplate, harmonic balancer, all necessary bolts, cylinder heads, oil pan, oil pump, valve covers, timing cover, camshaft, lifters, push rods, rocker arms, and intake manifold.

This year a few things have changed in an effort to slow down the cars and to make it an even fairer playing field. Last year's claimer rule has expanded to allow a $2,000 transmission and converter claim and a $500 carburetor claim, and the nitrous jet is now restricted to 0.063 inch.

For 2003, rejecting or refusing a claim is going to be a difficult process unless a racer is willing to walk away from the series. The amount of a Cheap Street long-block claim will remain $3,000. However, if you refuse any type of claim, as stated in the official PRO-Edelbrock rule book, you, "will be suspended from competition in any PRO class for two years and will lose all PRO points accumulated during the racing season, any national record set during the racing season, and any awards or contingency posted for the event during which the claim is refused. In addition, the claimee' s vehicle will be suspended from competition in Cheap Street for a period of two years. The PRO tech director has the right to accept or reject a claim for any reason whatsoever." That stiff penalty is designed to ensure that the claim process remains intact and is respected.

What does this mean for you? It means you'll see our mugs at many of the races and get the opportunity to interact with staffers and have a better chance of getting your car featured in Car Craft. We're already concocting Cheap Street engine buildups and tech tips. So if you've been contemplating your own buildup, now's the time, because we'll be there to catch it in print.

'03 Races Near You!Check the Web for for the latest scheduling

2003 EventsNMCA/NSCA Super Series April 26-27Hot Rod Power FestivalMontgomery Motorsports ParkMontgomery, AL

May 17-18Hot Rod Power FestivalNo Problem Raceway ParkBelle Rose, LA

June 7-8Hot Rod Power FestivalCecil Country DragwayRising Sun, MD

June 28-29Hot Rod Power FestivalUS 131 Motorsports ParkMartin, MI

July 26-27Hot Rod Power FestivalPittsburgh Raceway ParkNew Alexandria, PA

August 16-17Gateway International RacewayMadison, FL

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