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Real Street Eliminator Competition - Real Street Eliminator V

Fourteen Muscle Cars And Late Models Twist It Up In Car Craft's New Three-Way Shootout.

Lucas Oil/E3 Spark Plug Dyno Challenge
Inevitably, performance hinges on horsepower. Talk is cheap, but when you roll your car up on the dyno truth machine at the Summer Nationals, the whole world quickly knows if you're blowing smoke. This was the first test for most of the RSE competitors run by Andy Wicks and his hard-working DynoTune crew from Watertown, South Dakota ( Right out of the gate, one of the first cars up on the wheel was Nick Abernathy's '07 Corvette, which belted out a solid 559 rear-wheel horsepower helped by a nudge from a Nitrous Outlet 150 shot. Dan Neinstadt thought he had Nick covered, but a tiny slip of the M/T 315/35-17 ET Street tires put him an ego-bruising 1 hp short. Rick Adams earned style points for knocking out 531 naturally aspirated horsepower, while Rod Strumbel's supercharged Ford was close behind with 510 horses to place Fourth.

While it wasn't worth any extra points, it was Randy Johnson's colorful Camaro that earned the top horse-power honor for the RSE cars with a stunning 605-rwhp achievement, outpulling David Alfred's '69 Camaro 335hp run. Jeff Schwartz made a valiant effort to boost his little 5.3L motor's mettle with a 150 shot, but Andy noticed a deadly lean air/fuel ratio problem that would have melted several pistons, so Jeff elected to turn off the bottle, which is why the Vega's max power effort appears a little short at only 291 hp.

1. Nick Abernathy, '07 Corvette 559 30
2. Dan Neinstadt, '03 Mustang Cobra 558 20
3. Richard Adams, '08 ZO6 Corvette 531 10
4. Rod Strumbel, '04 Mustang Cobra 510
5. A.J. Mehta, '98 Corvette 487
6. Jim Brooks, '04 GTO 453
7. Jim Hall, '94 Camaro 415
8. John Boos, '86 Corvette 405
9. Mark Golovin, '00 Camaro 306
10. Eric Winsor, '87 Corvette 229

1. Randy Johnson, '70 Camaro 605 30
2. David Alfred, '69 Camaro 334 20
3. Jeff Schwartz, '72 Vega 291 10
4. Derek Kiefer, '69 Chevelle 256 -

QA1 Autocross
Between the cones is where driver skill played a big part in RSE. This year's course was significantly longer than last year's while still occupying the same real estate. With several returning players, we knew guys such as John Boos, Nick Abernathy, Randy Johnson, and Jeff Schwartz would be quick. Just like in previous competitions, we didn't limit the number of official runs against the clock. We had many more Summer Nationals participants also running the track, which meant the RSE cars were somewhat limited to the maximum number of passes. By Saturday morning, an elapsed-time duel was shaping up between last year's autocross winner, John Boos in his '86 C4 Corvette, and Third Place '09 autocross finisher, Nick Abernathy. The sting of losing Second Place by a mere 0.02 second to Keith Anderson's Viper may have been a big reason Nick was on a mission. On Saturday morning he commented, "He's got me by 0.006 second!" By Saturday afternoon, the times were in the low 37s, and the competition spilled right into Sunday morning. Finally, Nick thought he had John covered with a 36.9, but John showed up with sticky tires on Sunday and blitzed a very quick 36.606 that Nick couldn't match-giving John the win for the second straight year.

On the muscle car side of the fight, it appeared that Randy's Camaro had the performance edge, but Jeff's budget Vega didn't make it easy. In fact, Jeff buzzed the autocross so hard on Friday, he burned up the BFG 15-inch Drag Radials-so he bolted on a set of stickier BFG R1 road race tires on Saturday to push the little Vega into the low 39s. Jeff's a good driver but just couldn't match the big Camaro's effort blessed with monster Nitto 315/30R18 rear tires and a prototype Heidts IRS. Derek Kiefer showed up to run the autocross as a Summer Nationals participant with his '69 Chevelle, but we talked him into entering Real Street. His 39.078 on Dunlop 265/40R17 street tires was less than 0.2 second behind the Vega's quickest lap.

John Boos, '86 Corvette 36.606 30
Nick Abernathy, '07 Corvette 36.953 20
Richard Adams, '08 ZO6 Corvette 38.543 10
Eric Winsor, '87 Corvette 39.180
Rod Strumbel, '04 Mustang Cobra 40.357
Jim Hall, '94 Camaro 40.363
Mark Golovin, '00 Camaro 41.294
Dan Neinstadt, '03 Mustang Cobra 41.546
Jim Brooks, '04 GTO 42.413
A.J. Mehta, '98 Corvette 44.296

1. Randy Johnson, '70 Camaro 38.245 30
2. Jeff Schwartz, '72 Vega 38.900 20
3. Derek Kiefer, '69 Chevelle 39.078 10
4. David Alfred, '69 Camaro 42.928

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