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Real Street Eliminator IV

Car Craft's Original Street Car Shootout Returns With A Twist.

By , Photography by , Wes AlIison

Overall Results
Don't be fooled into thinking this was a runaway win for the Viper. It was actually much closer than the point spread makes it appear. Keith Anderson squeaked out a win in the Launch Box over Nick Abernathy's Corvette by a mere 0.02 second, but even if Abernathy had won the Launch Box, it would not have been enough to overcome the Viper's consistent performance in all three venues. And don't blame it on V-10 power, either. In the autocross and the Launch Box, it was handling and driver finesse that commanded the field. On that note, John Boos' '86 boy racer looked like the car to beat with its awesome 10-second autocross pass, but he only attempted a handful of Launch Box runs, which when paired with limited horsepower on the dyno could only push his effort to the third spot overall.

Late Model Class
Place Points
1. Keith Anderson, '09 Viper 80
2. Nick Abernathy, '07 Corvette 40
3. John Boos, '86 Corvette 30
4. Richard Adams, '08 Corvette 20
5. Rod Strumble, '04 Mustang 10

Competition was just as tight in the Muscle Car class with the shootout between John Wegner's big-block Camaro and the Jeff Schwartz-driven Tempest lasting right up until Sunday at noon when time trials ended. The autocross was a great battle with less than 0.30 second separating the two cars. It was even tighter in the Launch Box with less than 0.04 second between their respective best passes. Add in Mark Storlien's we-never-saw-it-coming stellar Launch Box run and the Sunday morning horsepower blitz by Lyle Nienow's Chevelle and the whole Muscle Car outcome could easily have been much different.

Muscle Car Class
Place Points
1. Grant Craft, '65 Tempest 60
2. John Wegner, '69 Camaro 50
3. Lyle Nienow*, '69 Chevelle 30
* Nienow wins tie with Storlien based on better hp (544 versus 410)

The Wrap-Up
Real Street was a total winner event, and in the coming months we'll highlight both class winners as well as John Wegner's Camaro, which we thought was more than deserving of a closer look. And if you think your machine has what it takes to take on cars like these, get it ready for next year because we plan on doing this again at the '10 Car Craft Summer Nationals. We'll be disappointed if you don't show up.

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