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Real Street Eliminator IV

Car Craft's Original Street Car Shootout Returns With A Twist.

By , Photography by , Wes AlIison

Rust-Oleum Launch Box
In case you skipped the introduction to get right to the results, the Rust-oleum Launch Box is new for RSE this year with a 150-foot straightaway that requires each competitor to launch his car and then get it completely stopped inside the box without incurring a 2-second penalty for hitting a cone. The early runners found it a real challenge, but by Saturday, it appeared that an unlikely leader had appeared in Mark Storlien's '62 Corvette. No one, including Storlien himself, expected the Pro Street Vette to bring anything to the autocross party, and it only cranked 401 hp on the chassis dyno. But Storlien killed 'em on the Rust-oleum Launch Box. The fat rear tires offered great traction on the virgin pavement, and without the benefit of ABS, he managed to get the Corvette stopped in impressive short order. The rules only require the rear axle centerline to be ahead of the open end of the box, and the Vette's short wheelbase may have contributed to the quick time that almost stole the show for either class.

The Late Model cars should have had a bit of an advantage, since many were equipped with ABS. But our experience with measuring stopping distance with ABS cars has proven that the driver still has significant control over how quickly the car stops. Few drivers really know how to squeeze (it's more like stomp) out those ultimate high-g decel times. By Sunday, there were tire marks that extended the entire length of the course.

If you thought the Late Model class was tight, you could cover the top three cars in the Muscle Car class with less than 0.10 second. Amazingly, Storlien's Vette bested the Muscle Car class with very little drama. We investigated the Vette's raw data very closely and were impressed with the accel and decel portions of the run. Mark actually achieved 0.90 to 0.91 negative g during braking for almost a half second. Anderson's Viper pulled a 1.01 negative at times, but the '62 Vette's braking curve achieved high numbers over the entire length of the course. That's what contributed to its quick overall time.

Rust-Oleum Launch Box Results
Late Model
Place Time Points
1. Keith Anderson, '09 Viper 4.86 30
2. Nick Abernathy, '07 Corvette 4.88 20
3. Rod Strumble, '04 Mustang 4.98 10
4. Richard Adams, '08 Corvette 5.01 -*
5. David Feldhahn, '09 Challenger 5.01 -
6. John Boos, '86 Corvette 5.12 -
7. Jeff Avril, '95 Camaro 5.19 -
8. Matt Ruvelson, '96 Camaro 5.28 -
9. Dale Schwartz, '82 Trans Am 5.40 -
10. Mike Rybak, '93 Mustang 6.10 -
11. David Clark, '87 Monte SS 6.89 -
* With identical times, the tiebreaker goes to the car with the higher horsepower, which was Adams' Corvette with 514 hp versus Feldhahn's 439.
Muscle Car
Place Time Points
1. Mark Storlien, '62 Corvette 4.90 30
2. John Wegner, '69 Camaro 4.94 20
3. Grant Craft, '65 Tempest 4.98 10
4. Lyle Nienow, '69 Chevelle 5.90 -
5. Mike Standley, '81 Malibu 5.98 -
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