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Real Street Eliminator IV

Car Craft's Original Street Car Shootout Returns With A Twist.

By , Photography by , Wes AlIison

The Mobil 1 Dyno Challenge
Out on the street, horsepower is a big bragging point. That's what the Mobil 1 Dyno Challenge sets out to discover. This first RSE test was easy-the car with the most horsepower wins. We purposely kept the rules simple by allowing any engine, any displacement, and any power-adder with any combination of the above. The early oddsmakers sided with the power-adder cars, although they had to run on pump gas. However, in the Late Model class, the two supercharged cars ended up a couple of cards short. The better hand in this case was a simple case of major league displacement as proved by Keith Anderson's mildly breathed-on V-10 Viper taking the top spot with a stellar 578 hp, closely followed by Richard Adams' '08 427 Corvette at 514 hp.

The Muscle Car class also had its share of nitrous players. At first, it appeared that John Wegner's 502ci big-block '69 Camaro had everybody covered with his 450hp run that was hampered by an underachieving nitrous kit and tire slippage. Later, Jeff Schwartz, driving Grant Craft's black '65 Tempest, squeaked in with a slightly better 476 hp that looked like it might take the top prize. But then on Sunday morning, Lyle Nienow showed up at the last minute with his 572ci Rat-powered Chevelle and blitzed them both with an excellent 544hp pass. This move would have a significant impact on the overall Muscle Car class finishing order.

MOBIL 1 Dyno Challenge Results
Late Model Class
Place Horsepower Points
1. Keith Anderson, '09 Viper 578 30
2. Richard Adams, '08 Corvette 514 20
3. Nick Abernathy, '07 Corvette 483 10
4. Rod Strumble, '04 Mustang 444 -
5. Nate Feldhahn, '09 Challenger 439 -
6. John Boos, '86 Corvette 417 -
7. Matt Ruvelson, '96 Camaro 361 -
8. Dale Schwartz, '82 Trans Am 326 -
9. David Clark, '87 Monte SS Aero 304 -
10. Jeff Avril, '95 Camaro 273 -
11. Mike Rybak, '93 Mustang 190 -
Muscle Car Class
Place Horsepower Points
1. Lyle Nienow, '69 Chevelle 544 30
2. Grant Craft, '65 Tempest 476 20
3. John Wegner, '69 Camaro 450 10
4. Mark Storlien, '62 Corvette 401 -
5. Mike Standley, '81 Malibu 327 -
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