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Real Street Eliminator IV

Car Craft's Original Street Car Shootout Returns With A Twist.

By , Photography by , Wes AlIison

QA1 Autocross
The QA1 autocross was not only the most popular venue of the three but also the one with the most drama. We thought that allowing unlimited laps might level the playing field between the beginners and the sharks. Several competitors took advantage of that loophole by making multiple runs over all three days. The guy who maximized this advantage was Jeff Avril with his '95 Camaro. He had never run autocross before, but before the end of Saturday, he had all but wasted a set of Goodyear F1s. On the plus side, he also drastically reduced his lap times. How many laps, you ask? How about a total of 137. He started out running in the mid-13s and eventually pulled down his time to an impressive 11.858-or roughly 1.8 seconds with just a simple air pressure adjustment and learning how to drive his car. And he had a blast doing it, too.

As for the class heavy hitters, John Boos made it clear he had brought a stout weapon with his '86 Corvette. A combination of a well-prepared car, good driving skills, and double-sticky road-race rubber eventually created the only 10-second passes we saw all weekend. Close behind was Keith Anderson's '09 Viper with an 11.133 and Nick Abernathy's sinister black Corvette running an agonizingly close 11.135 taking the third spot in the Late Model class. The muscle cars were not far behind with Jeff Schwartz driving Grant Craft's '65 Tempest to a quickest 11.45 closely followed by John Wegner's beautiful '69 Camaro. Latecomer Lyle Nienow surprised everybody with his big-block 572 Chevelle that cranked out an excellent 12.46, which was impressive after only a handful of passes. Mike Standley gets credit for driving slideways with his drift technique '81 Malibu. Most of our competitors had little to no autocross experience. That's a hint for you '10 RSE wannabes.

We also need to send a shout-out to the Land O' Lakes region SCCA club and all its volunteers who gave up a beautiful Midwest weekend in July to perform tech inspection, timing, and cones-chasing for the QA1 Autocross and Rust-oleum Launch Box. The club made the entire weekend run flawlessly and produced an outstanding event for all the competitors and Summer Nationals participants who took advantage of the courses. We especially want to acknowledge Dan and Cathy Corgard, Rick Sellner, Stacy Scharch, Paul Peters, Mark Utecht, Sean Penegor, Jimmy Griggs, John Feesl, Erik Dahl, Brent and Carrie Carlson, Eric McClellan, Alex Awsumb, Kurt Schroeder, Jim Gillen, Tom and Janine Fuehrer, Ryan Olson, Dan Halverson, Randy Van de Loo, Jeff Forss, Dan Bidinger, and the rest of the LOL SCCA club members who did a great job. Thanks to everyone.

QA1 Autocross Results
Late Model
Place Time Points
1. John Boos, '86 Corvette 10.879 30
2. Keith Anderson, '09 Viper 11.133 20
3. Nick Abernathy, '07 Corvette 11.135 10
4. Rod Strumble, '04 Mustang 11.804 -
5. Jeff Avril, '95 Camaro 11.858 -
6. Dale Schwartz, '82 Trans Am 11.955 -
7. Richard Adams, '08 Corvette 12.130 -
8. Nate Feldhahn, '09 Challenger 12.230 -
9. Matt Ruvelson, '96 Camaro 12.357 -
10. Mike Rybak, '93 Mustang 12.469 -
11. David Clark, '87 Monte SS Aero 14.030 -
Muscle Car
Place Time Points
1. Grant Craft, '65 Tempest 11.456 30
2. John Wegner, '69 Camaro 11.752 20
3. Lyle Nienow, '69 Chevelle 12.469 10
4. Mike Standley, '81 Malibu 13.013 -
5. Mark Storlien, '62 Corvette 13.688 -
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