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2002 Real Street Eliminator Series - '02 Real Street Eliminator

Photography by The Car Craft Staff
Real Street Eliminator Results
Dragstrip (100 points max.) Points Rank
1st run 13.57@107.16 89.870 4th
2nd run 13.19@108.09
3rd run 13.13@108.34
Autocross (100 points max.)
1st run 24.236 sec. 93.090 4th
2nd run 24.142 sec.
3rd run 24.236 sec.
Average 24.204 sec.
Craftsmanship (40 points max.)
Paint   8.300 3rd
Fit & finish 8.000
Overall detail 8.200
Engineering 7.100
Subtotal 31.600
Ride & Drive (30 points max.)
Comfort   8.250
NVH 7.750
Ride quality 8.750
Subtotal 24.750 4th
Total score 239.310 4th

Brandon Vivian's '78 Trans AmImagine if a General Motors suspension engineer built the ultimate second-generation Pontiac Trans Am to compete in Car & Driver magazine's One Lap of America, one of the country's premier amateur road-racing events. Well, we don't have to imagine what it would be like, because here it is: Brandon Vivian's '78 Trans Am. Using a combination of off-the-shelf aftermarket suspension and brake components combined with his own suspension engineering, Brandon's goal was to build the best road-race car he could using the stock body and frame. He proved his design by completing the grueling 5,400-mile One Lap course, which challenges contestants to race on and drive between seven road racing tracks spread around the country in a week-long marathon.

Brandon and his brother Bryan built this car from scratch in Brandon's garage, including the paint application and bodywork, welding up the road-race-style rollcage, and fabricating a custom carbon-fiber console and doorsill plates. The level of quality and engineering skill exemplified in this car was astounding. It didn't hurt that Brandon can drive pretty well too.

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