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2002 Real Street Eliminator Series - '02 Real Street Eliminator

Photography by The Car Craft Staff
Real Street Eliminator Results
Dragstrip (100 points max.) Points Rank
1st run 12.76@111.51
2nd run 12.68@112.07 93.060 2nd
3rd run 12.86@108.09
Autocross (100 points max.)
1st run 22.518 sec. 100.000 1st
2nd run 22.400 sec.
3rd run 22.681 sec.
Average 22.533 sec.
Craftsmanship (40 points max.)
Paint   8.500 2nd
Fit & finish 8.500
Overall detail 8.100
Engineering 9.200
Subtotal 34.300
Ride & Drive (30 points max.)
Comfort   7.125
NVH 7.500
Ride quality 7.500
Subtotal 22.125 5th
Total score 249.485 3rd

Bryan Cope's '70 CamaroIt wasn't that long ago we were complaining that there just weren't nearly enough cool second-gen Camaros running around. Where were they? Were they simply being overlooked? Suffice it to say, upon opening Cope's application portfolio, we knew we had a contender.

What initially looked like a rusted hulk rescued from the bottom of the ocean floor has evolved into one of the most incredible street machines of the new millennium. Cope's Camaro manages to retain the flair of a '70s musclecar combined with the ability to blast down the quarter-mile and laugh at any sharp-radius turns. The interior proved to be both functional and ergonomically friendly with ultra-comfy Sparco sport seats, a Pioneer CD player, a custom-built dash holding an array of Auto Meter gauges, and even a Vintage Air A/C system.

Were there any weaknesses? Not really. The car was nearly perfect in every way. Any minor shortcomings were attributable to its relative newness-Cope had just finished the two-year project and arrived at Bristol with only 120 miles on the odometer. Had Cope made his final dragstrip pass without missing Fourth gear, the story could have been different altogether. Nevertheless, this '70 Camaro represents RSE to its utmost definition. -Henry De Los Santos

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