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Real Street Eliminator VI

Tearing it up in Car Craft’s three-way shootout


Who: Shannon Grewe
Where: Unity, WI
What: '10 Dodge Challenger SRT8
Engine: 6.1L Hemi, headers, exhaust work, and Kenne-Bell supercharger
Transmission: TR6060 Tremec six-speed
Rearend: Currie 9-inch, 3.25:1

Who: Gregg Hopper
Where: N/A
What: '06 Pontiac GTO
Engine: LS2 6.0L
Transmission: T-56 six speed
Rearend: 3.46:1 gear with a limited slip

Who: Dan Neinstadt
Where: Blaine, MN
What: '03 Ford Mustang Cobra
Engine: 5.0L Modular Mustang Racing short-block, 21-psi Whipple 2.3L supercharger, MAC headers, 60-lb injectors, and MagnaFlow mufflers
Transmission: T-56 six speed, Fidanza aluminum flywheel, Spec clutch
Rearend: 8.8-inch Ford IRS, 3.55:1 gears, limited slip

Who: Joel Route
Where: Eagan, MN
What: '99 Ford Mustang Cobra convertible
Engine: Stock, 100,000-mile, 4.6L, 32-valve short-block with Dynomax headers; 3-inch exhaust; and Predator 93 tune-up
Transmission: Tremec T-45 five-speed
Rearend: 8.8-inch Ford IRS, 3.27:1, limited slip, and 29-spline axles

Who: Jim Schmittinger
Where: West Bend, WI
What: '87 Buick Grand National
Engine: Owner-built 231ci V6, 8.9:1, Diamond pistons, Kenny Duttweiler–ported heads, Comp hydraulic roller cam, and PTE 62mm turbocharger
Transmission: TH200-4R automatic overdrive
Rearend: 8.5-inch 10-bolt with a 3.42:1 gear and Auburn limited slip

Who: Rod Strumbel
Where: Rockford, MN
What: '04 Ford Mustang Cobra
Engine: Stock 32-valve 4.6L, Eaton supercharger, ported throttle-body, and 17-psi pulley
Transmission: T-56 six speed
Rearend: 8.8-inch Ford IRS, 3.55:1, limited slip

Who: Dean Swearingen
Where: Forest Lake, MN
What: '08 Ford Mustang GT/CS
Engine: 4.6L three-valve, Comp cam, long-tube headers, and Borla exhaust
Transmission: Tremec TR-3650 five-speed, Hurst shifter
Rearend: 8.8-inch Ford, 4.10:1 gears, limited slip

Who: Jason Taylor
Where: Mahtomedi, MN
What: '04 Ford Mustang GT
Engine: Stock 4.6L 16-valve, MagnaFlow after-cat exhaust, Trick Flow plenum, BBK 70mm throttle-body, and SCT tuning
Transmission: Stock 4R70W automatic
Rearend: 8.8-inch Ford, 3.27:1, gears, limited slip

Who: Carson Turnquist
Where: Apple Valley, MN
What: '02 F-150 Lightning
Engine: 5.4L Eaton, supercharged and intercooled; JLT cold air; Bassani exhaust; Metco pulley system; and Predator tuner
Transmission: 4R100 four-speed automatic, stock converter
Rearend: Stock Lightning 9.75-inch rear, 3.73:1 gears, limited slip

Who: Rick Adams
Where: Backus, MN
What: '11 Chevy Camaro
Engine: Mast Motorsports 416ci, 750hp crate engine with Callies crank; Mahle pistons; CNC-ported LS3 heads; Magnuson supercharger; and Billy Boat headers
Transmission: TR-6060 six-speed manual upgraded with better output shaft
Rearend: IRS with Strange 9-inch center- section, 3.89:1 gears, Strange limited slip, and Driveshaft Shop performance halfshafts


Who: Joe Swearingen
Where: Menomonie, WI
What: '02 Chevy Corvette Z06
Engine: Stock 5.7L LS6, air filter, Bellanger headers, and cross-pipe
Transmission: T-56 variant six-speed transaxle
Rearend: 3.42:1, limited slip

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