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World Power Wheelstand Championships - Pans On The Ground

Byron Dragway mayhem

By Mike Yoksich, Photography by Mike Yoksich

Longest Wheelstand
Andy Brody

Andy Brody brought his '67 Buick GS from Lockport, Illinois, and took a shot at fame and fortune. The big Buick has a 565-inch motor making 1,000 hp without any power-adders. Andy's GS weighs 3,600 pounds with Andy in it and runs 9.20s all day long. Longest Wheelie is not bad for Andy's first time.

Highest Wheelstand
Robert Howard

Robert Howard came all the way from Peru, Illinois, to compete for the big money is his '80 Olds Cutlass. Robert's run featured a great nitrous blast from the pipes at the top of the wheelie. The first bounce severed all connection from the auxiliary cooling fans and dumped them on the track.

Weirdest Wheelstand
Rick Johnson

They just should get it over with and call this the Rick Johnson class. Rick's '60 Chevy looks like it's going to roll over until you hear the bang from the rear quarter-panel and bumper hitting Byron's track surface. If he put a wheelie bar on his car it would have to be mounted like a curb feeler.

Unique Performer Wheelstand
Jeff Wild

At Byron there seems to be an award for every kind of wheelie. Unique was not the first word that came to mind when we saw Jeff Wild from Palos Hills, Illinois, doing a wheelie in his bright-yellow '70 Buick GS. He had the top down and his hand in the air waving like he was on a parade float.

Best Ford Wheelstand
J.D. Drissel

The Ford contingent was cheering for J.D. Drissel from Kenosha, Wisconsin, in his '86 Mustang. The rear wheels would come off the track, and J.D. kept the throttle mashed causing smoke to billow from the rear tires when they touched the track again.

Be There Next Year!
Byron Dragway; Byron, IL;

By Mike Yoksich
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