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World Power Wheelstand Championships - Pans On The Ground

Byron Dragway mayhem

By Mike Yoksich, Photography by Mike Yoksich

Best Street Car and Best GM Wheelstand
Chris Orr

Chris Orr from Superior, Wisconsin, almost took out the media gallery with his blown White '67 Firebird. At about 100 feet, Chris' Firebird got up on one wheel and dove to the left with both rear wheels a couple of feet in the air. It rocked to the right after the first impact and bottomed out the front-right wheel with a shower of sparks before the weight went to the back wheels and Chris started a second wheelie. It was a truly spectacular wheelstand and well worth the double title.

Super Stock Wheelstand
Chris Shenuk

Chris Shenuk's white '72 Formula is well known in local Super Stock racing. The last few years Chris has brought his Pontiac to Byron to see if he could hang with the big dogs of wheelstanding. On his first run, Chris hit his wheelie bars so hard he unloaded the tires and came crashing down, dislodging his Endura bumper and springing the hood.

Most Violent Wheelstand
Brian Mahnke

Brian Mahnke took Most Violent and Runner-Up in Super Stock back home to Saginaw, Minnesota, with a massive sidewall-rippling blast off the starting line in his '72 Camaro. Sparks flew off the chute mount while the Camaro slid with all four wheels off the track before landing in a shower of sparks.

Best Mopar Wheelstand
A. J. Fiorelli

A. J. Fiorelli from Mackinaw, Illinois, rocked the crowd with his Chenoweth Speed and Machine–powered, 505-cube '68 'Cuda. Midwest Chassis hooked up the suspension for A. J., and he did the dirty work with the throttle and steering wheel. This year A.J. flat-out took the prize with all four wheels off the ground.

By Mike Yoksich
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