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2010 LA Auto Show - Web Exclusive

The L.A. Auto Show brings a lot to the table when it comes to world debuts and the Detroit three all came with their boxing gloves.

By Mike Payne, Photography by Mike Payne

Diamond Chrysler Dodge made a lot of changes to their 2011 lineup. One huge change was the interior. Dodge scrapped everything and starting fresh by making the interior much softer and with many options having leather as a standard feature. The steering wheel on all six models went from its not so loved four spoke design to a much more stylish three spoke design with brush aluminum at the 3 and 9 positions. The gauges on all models were also redesigned making it look more like an option you would get on a $60,000 beamer than a $30,000.

Outside Changes
The new Dodge lineup received a lot of attention to the front. One of the major changes was changing the grille back to a crosshair design and giving the front of the cars a more aggressive look. In the back the taillights were all switched over to LED brake lights and the Charger went back to its roots and brought back the full-width taillight.

Under The Hood
Gaining MPG while raising HP and torque was Dodge's main concern with performance especially with their new "Pentastar" V6 engine. All except the Durango gained HP with the new "Pentastar" engine, but while the Durango lost some HP all models gained more MPG across the board. One of the coolest V8 options that were announced at the debut was the new 392 Hemi available for the 2011 Challenger which was rocking a 6.4L with 475 HP and 460lb-ft of torque which is 50 HP more than the SRT8 package. Dodge made their 2011 lineup appealing to everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a minivan dad or a true hot rodder.

By Mike Payne
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