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Mustang Drag Car Crash - Action!!

Hold on to your driveshaft. A rearend explosion you need to see.

Photography by James "Lucky Bastard" Lawrence

Mustang Destruction From Nostalgia Pro Street
During the 4th Annual Lunati NMCA Hot Rod & Muscle Car Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Nostalgia Pro Street competitor Ron Gorz lost more than the qualifying round when the back-half suspension burped out of his '92 Mustang.

Gorz told the editors at Fastest Street Car magazine that as soon as he jerked Third gear, one of the ladder-bar brackets failed where it connected to the rearend housing, ripping the other bracket off and jettisoning parts out the back of the car. "I really didn't know what happened until I got out of the car, looked back, and saw the complete rearend assembly sitting on the ground 100 feet behind me."

Gorz thought he had blown a slick and stayed on the brakes before gliding to a stop in the opposite lane. Aside from a little bodywork and new brackets and wheels for the Mustang, both Gorz and the car were unhurt. Courtesy of Fastest Street Car Magazine.

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