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Can't-Miss Summer Events

By The CC Staff, Photography by PPC Archives

Kiewicz's Kool Kar Events

1.NHRA U.S. Nationals
If you're looking for the ultimate bang-for-the-buck, the U.S. Nationals in Indy packs the most in drag racing mayhem. Plus, Thursday night is the CC All-Star Drag Racing Team banquet, and Friday there's way-cool nighttime qualifying with flames. Contact: NHRA, 626/914-4761,

2. Indy 500
Sure, it's kind of a "B" race now that CART and IRL are squabbling, but nonetheless, you still gotta experience a 500. Contact Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 317/484-6700,

3. Virginia City Hill Climb
It takes place on a super-steep, super-narrow, super-treacherous sprig of bypass road leading from outside Carson City, Nevada, to the old-time mining town of Virginia City. Severe dropoffs combined with 150-plus-mph speeds equals great fun. Contact: Ferrari Club of America, 925/820-1664

4. Carlisle Or Pomona Swap Meet
Attending either of these swap meet meccas is a must. Doing it right includes camping out (preferably in your car) and hitting the meet at sunrise. Contact: George Cross & Sons (Pomona Swap Meet), 714/832-2041; or Carlisle Productions, Dept. CC, 1000 Bryn Mawr Rd., Carlisle, PA 17013, 717/243-7855,

5. Pikes Peak Hill Climb
Each July 4, watching race vehicles with way too much power negotiating a narrow dirt road on a 14,000-foot mountain brings an awesome adrenaline rush for spectators. If you truly like danger, Pikes Peak is for you. Contact Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, 719/685-4400,

6. Daytona 500
Imagine stock-bodied cars roaring around a banked 2.5-mile oval at more than 200 mph with echoes of 358-cube small-blocks screaming at 8,500 rpm-all for hours on end. Yahoo! Contact: or Daytona Motor Speedway, Dept. CC, P.O. Box 2081, Daytona Beach, FL 32120, 904/253-7223

7. 24 Hours Of LeMans
One car, multiple drivers, one windshield wiper, and 1,440 minutes of all-out racing-LeMans is the best and most historically significant endurance race you'll ever see. Contact: A Frenchman

8. World Of Outlaws Knoxville Nationals
A 750-plus-hp, methanol-burning, all-aluminum 410-inch small-block in a 1,200-pound Sprint Car delivering awesome, mud-slinging, sideways-sliding, 140-plus-mph racing with lots of paint swapping. Contact: World of Outlaws Racing, 972/424-2202,

9. Street Races
It's super illegal, way dangerous, and detrimental to your license, but most car guys have done it. Contact: Your local bail bondsman

10. Hot August Nights
If you're really into the '40s, '50s, and '60s cars, then Hot August Nights is for you. Over 5,000 of them jam the streets of Reno, Nevada, for a week. Contact: Hot August Nights, 702/356-1956,

By The CC Staff
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