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The Car Craft Quick 8

By , Photography by , Scott Killeen

Mike Rizutti
'67 Nova
9.649 at 144.69 mph

It's pretty to easy to put a car together nicely the first time-but try a few pit thrashes and see what happens. Even after a major panic when Mike's screamin' small-block seemed to lose oil pressure, his little orange sedan remained among the most sano cars in Super Street. Every one of his buddies was climbing all over the car to find the cure, which turned out to be a bad oil-gauge connection. Waszak's equally tasty Chevelle ousted Rizutti in the second round of the Quick 8.

Ernie Parison
'68 Camaro
9.67 at 140.61 mph

Yet another EZ car that could win any car show, Ernie's 433-inch big-block '68 has become an NMCA regular. Even running low 9.80s, making him seventh qualifier, Ernie made it to the semifinals on Saturday before he met Brian Waszak and got whacked. Curiously, it was also Wasz that took Ernie out in the first round of the Quick 8.

Jim Craig
'83 Cutlass
9.51 at 141.19 mph

You first saw Jim Craig's Olds in the Oct. '98 "Street Punks on Nitrous" story in which we berated Jim for considering a big-block Chevy. It worked: "Ain't gonna happen," he promises. Too bad the sharp G-body drew Joysey's Camaro in the first round of the Quick 8 Shootout, then Mark Werdehausen's serious Nova wagon during Saturday's big eliminations, putting him on the trailer.

Brian Voeck
'69 Dart
9.58 at 141.49 mph

Brian showed at the St. Louis race with a new 426-inch low-deck engine to displace the old 451 mill. Check the spaghetti of nitrous plumbing atop the full Indy cylinder head induction. It's a system from Craig Campton Motorsports that incorporates Fogger nozzles into one big mondo plate-still a legal two-solenoid plate system, but a bit unconventional. You can bet other EZ Streeters will raise a few eyebrows as the Mope drops e.t. into the 9.30s. Jim Craig's Olds blew Brian out of the Quick 8 Shootout in one of EZ Street's rare no-Chevy matchups.

Dustin White
'67 Camaro
9.39 at 146.61 mph

St. Louis was the first '98 race where we spotted Dustin White who was featured in CC, May '97. We also saw that the 415-inch big-block-powered Camaro opts for free power in a way we've never before seen in EZ Street: ram air. The USM Inductions airbox sits under a 5-inch cowl hood and crams air from the under-bumper inlets. They say it's good for more than a tenth.

The Price Is Right
Royce Fox
10.42 at 127 mph
A 10-second ride can't even be close to competitive in EZ Street, but we're still thrilled when they show up. Nothing's gonna stop us from giving ink to a cool car, and Royce Fox from Silverlake, Kansas, has a cool car. He made it to the race thanks to some help from Prosther's Competition Parts in Topeka and ran consistent 10.40s at 127 mph but got taken out in the first round. Still, that's impressive for a 400-inch low-deck Mopar with 9.8:1 compression and tons of homebuilt and backyard-scrounged parts. He claims there's 9 grand in the entire car, and that it's the quickest street car back home.

Scott Jungbluth
'65 Chevelle
9.83 at 139.13 mph

Look like granny's ride? Scott scored the Chevelle in his hometown of Hartford, Wisconsin, after the original owner drove it from Fresno, California, and put it up for sale. It was gennie right down to the 230 inline six, which Scott jerked in favor of 461 Rat power. It's all original paint and trim except for the hood. The old man probably never figured on top 9s, which made him a first-round kill in the lane opposite Bobby Joysey.

Hellacious Wheelstand Award
Mark Werdehausen
9.20 at 146 mph

Mark Werdehausen didn't qualify for the Quick 8 Shootout but put in three rounds on Sunday and made a dang good show of it. First his little Nova wagonmeister dragged chrome to half-track. Next time out the small-block urped a head gasket, belched, and caught something on fire. We're not sure what, but it was cool. This was followed by one of the best thrash-in-the-pits scenes we've ever seen in EZ Street, resulting in a event-best e.t. of 9.20 at 146-haulin' beautiferous bootie, but slow enough to get spanked by Gary Rohe with a 9.07. We want more!

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