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2010 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational - Racin' The Big Dogs

The '10 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational

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The Top Ten
One of the great things about the OUSCI is the tremendous variety of approaches to the shot at becoming the best overall Pro Touring car in the country. Even among the multiple Camaros, the strategies vary.

1. Mark Stielow '69 Camaro
2. Kyle Tucker '70 Camaro
3. Bruce Cambern '05 Ford GT
4. Paul "Poly" Blytt '86 Firebird
5. Jay Weir '70 Nova
6. Brian Finch '71 Camaro
7. Steve Ruiz '04 Corvette
8. Brian Nutter '02 ZO6 Corvette
9. Mark Turner '69 Camaro
9. Bret Voelkel '66 Chevelle

With a Little Help From My Friends
We really didn't expect to get invited to OUSCI, because our performance at the 341 Challenge and at the Pro Touring Run to the Coast events had been less than memorable. So when we got the nod, there was a thrash to get the Chevelle ready. Mainly it came down to painting the car, so with help from our buddy Mike Paradis and some Hot Rod Flatz satin paint, the Chevelle was ready in barely two weeks, and there's a blue paint patina covering everything in the shop to prove it. My pals Doug Norrdin, owner of Global West Suspension, Kevin Doyle, Kris Shields, and Bill Chin all donated time and effort toward finishing all those niggling details. We also got help from Original Parts Group with truck and door seals that replaced some very aging weatherstripping. When it was all done, the car didn't look half bad-as long as you didn't get too close! It appears we need an aluminum LS motor to take 100 pounds off the nose.

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