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2010 Run to the Coast Pro Touring Shootout

Fifty Serious Muscle Cars Face Off On A Road Course, An Autocross, And A Braking Test To See Who Wins.

By , Photography by Doug Norrdin,

Detroit Speed Road Course
Event organizer Bill Howell worked with Orange County Race Craft (OCRC), which regularly holds timed events at this facility, to run this portion of the event sponsored by Detroit Speed. The road course operated much like a Solo I event, pitting car and driver against the track for the best time. There were several strong cars in attendance, and it didn't take long to figure out who was fast.

James Shipka brought his '68 Camaro down from Alberta, Canada, for this event with driving help from tuner/builder David Pozzi to push the Camaro to its limits. The pair also plans to take on the One Lap of America later in the season with sponsorship help from Optima. David bombed the field by setting the quickest muscle car lap time of the day. Bunched up behind him were three more Camaros all running low 1:50s. The event sponsors also had a shot at the track with DSE's Camaro pulling down the quick time amid the vendors with Ryan Mathews' very quick 1:49.910 in the '70 Camaro.

1 David Pozzi '69 Camaro 1:49.880
2 Todd Akes '69 Camaro 1:50.790
3 Brian Finch '71 Camaro 1:53.180
4 Mary Pozzi '73 Camaro 1:53.810
5 Kyle Newman '57 Chevy 1:56.950

Baer Brake Challenge
Here was one event that more than lived up to its billing as a challenge. Even with a smattering of late-model ABS cars (including a C6 Corvette), none of them finished in the top 10, lending credence to the contention that a good driver behind the wheel of a non-ABS car with quality brakes and tires can out-stop an ABS-equipped car. The Baer challenge was basically a longer version of CC's Launch Box. The course appeared to be roughly about 1,000 feet in length. The challenge was to accelerate as far as you dared but still get the car completely stopped inside a 45-foot-long box outlined with cones. The stronger cars were definitely up to 100 mph at the top of the acceleration curve. The key was to combine an excellent eighth-mile dragstrip pass with equally aggressive braking without sliding the tires on either end. Brian Finch staked out a win relying on an impressive time of 14.198 seconds.

1 Brian Finch '71 Camaro 14.198
2 Bill Fowler '71 Mustang 14.552
3 James Faria '69 Camaro 14.781
4 Carl Casanova '68 Camaro 14.870
5 David Pozzi '68 Camaro 14.977

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