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2010 Car Craft Engine Swap Drags - Engine Swap Drags!

Take These Engine Swap Ideas, Build A Car, And Compete In The . . .

By Car Craft Staff, Photography by Car Craft Staff

Everything about the Engine Swap Drags (ESD) was cool. Take King of the Hill winner Tom Foglesong for example. Driving his grandfather's '68 Camaro with a lightly modified 5.3 swapped in from an '05 Suburban, he beat the entire N/A field, then took out a 10-second nitrous Camaro for the overall win.

These kinds of glorious underdog achievements are exactly what we were aiming for when we hatched the Engine Swap Drags concept. We wanted to turn over a rock and find the hard-core guys who use ingenuity and skill instead of dollars and professional builders to put together some fast cars using bitchin' new powerplants from Detroit. In the end, we found a lot of great cars, but only the most hard-core were willing to make it to Arizona for the race. Those heroes and their engine-swapping ideas are immortalized here.

For the rest of you, we will be running this event again. If you have a pre-'92 American street car with a GM LS, Ford modular, or Chrysler 5.7 or 6.1L Hemi engine and can pass a basic NHRA tech inspection, you qualify. We're not looking for pure race cars or pro-built stuff-we want you to swing a new engine over an old fender and get out and race. Carbs are OK if you don't like fuel injection, and the final round uses a dial-in, so you don't even have to be rocket fast, just consistent. If you want to play, watch for updates in the magazine and check to see what is happening. This is your chance to get involved and have some fun. We guarantee a spot in the magazine if you compete, and who knows, you might just win it all.

By Car Craft Staff
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