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2003 Bristol Bash Car Show - Bristol Bash '03

Photography by Car Craft Staff

Year One is one of the more notable names when it comes to musclecar restoration and performance components. And it was back in '01 that Year One hosted the first Bristol Bash in order to commemorate its 20th anniversary. In the short two years since the inaugural event, the Bristol Bash has quickly gained a reputation for being a must-attend automotive enthusiast event for the entire family.

While this certainly doesn't sound like an easy feat, Year One provides specially marked-off areas to safely entertain kids in playgrounds that are overflowing with exciting activities, from enormous slides to wall climbing. For the drag racers, everything from bracket racing to specialty classes are offered, and if you're more of a show-and-shine buff, they had you covered with a number of show categories to choose from. It doesn't end there, as celebrities throughout the industry are easily accessible and on hand during the entire weekend.

If that isn't enough to entice you to start making arrangements for this year's Bristol Bash, keep in mind that it's also become the home for our Real Street Eliminator program, making it an excellent opportunity to meet and talk cars with the Car Craft staff and potentially have your street machine shot for an upcoming feature. To get the details on this year's Bristol Bash from Year One, just log onto the Net at or call 800/YEAR-ONE. Trust us, it's an event you don't want to miss!

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