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World Ford Challange Drag Racing Event - World Ford Challenge 4

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Street Lightning
An open comp format for all Ford Lightning trucks running 11.60 and slower. Full chassis or back-half trucks are not permitted, nor is the use of any electronic device to improve e.t. or reaction time.

A Few Good Rea$on$ to Race
There seems to be an abundance of cash floating around these kind of races. Why not try to get a chunk for yourself? While we didn't list it, if you make it to the semi, quarter, and eighth round, you still get something in your pocket.

Class Winner Runner Up
Pro-Mod 5.0 $35,000 $15,000
Pro Street Outlaw 10,000 5,000
Wild Street 3,000 1,500
Renegade 2,000 1,000
Hot Street 2,000 1,000
Pure Street 1,300 650
Factory Stock 1,300 650
Modular Street 1,000 500
Pro Lightning 1,000 500
Street Lightning 500 250
Open Comp 500 250
ET-1* 2,500 1,250
ET-2* 1,500 750
ET-3* 750 375
*Bracket classes
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