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World Ford Challange Drag Racing Event - World Ford Challenge 4

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World Ford Challenge (WFC), otherwise known as the "Super Bowl" of Ford heads-up drag racing, took place over the weekend of May 18th in Madison, Illinois, at Gateway International Raceway. What's the big deal? In only it's fourth year of operation, the WFC has become the largest gathering of Fords from every corner of the country, attracting more than 1,000 racers, 600-plus show car entrants, and over 40,000 spectators anxiously anticipating wheels-up action. Its large success has also caused other racing sanctions to take notice of what big payouts and big-name sponsors can do to propel grassroots drag racing.

This once-a-year extravaganza is produced by World Race Events, and with 11 heads-up classes and $136,000 up for grabs, it's definitely not one to miss. WFC has a little-make that a lot-of everything for everyone from bracket racers to those who drive "Wild Street" cars and the insanely fast Pro Mod 5.0 race cars. The best thing is that it's not just for late-model Mustangs, although they do seem to be dominating all forms of street-legal-style racing these days. And one thing is for certain: These racers won't baby their cars to the finish line. For more information, check out

Classes at a Glance
Pro Mod 5.0
Seven- and 8-second small-block tube-chassis (Mustang-based) Fords with no rear tire size limits and a single power adder.

Pro Street Outlaw
Seven- and 8-second small- and big-block early Mustangs and '79-and-up Fox-chassis cars limited to 28x10.5-inch tires on stock-style suspension and a single power adder.

Wild Street
Any Ford with functioning lights, horn, signals, and wipers along with valid tags and proof of insurance is allowed. Competitors must do a 30-mile stop-and-go cruise and make three back-to-back qualifying passes with a strict closed-hood policy that will be averaged towards the qualifying ladder. All power-adder combinations are allowed but the cars are limited to DOT-approved tires that do not measure greater than 13 inches across the tread.

Nine- and 10-second electronic fuel-injected small-block Fox-chassis Fords and '96-to-present 4.6L Mustangs with 360ci engines and single power-adder restrictions. The tires are limited to 28x10.5 inches.

Hot Street
Nine- and 10-second naturally aspirated small-block Ford-powered cars and trucks from '55-to-present. Restricted to 440ci engines and 28x10.5 tires.

Pure Street
Eleven- and 12-second naturally aspirated small-block Fox-chassis Fords and '96-to-present 4.6L Mustangs. Restricted to 310ci engines and 26x10.5-inch tires.

Factory Stock
The 12- and 13-second naturally aspirated small-block Fox-chassis and '96-to-present 4.6L Mustangs. Restricted to 310ci engines with tires limited to DOT-approved radial tires no larger than 275mm.

Open Comp Eliminator
Handicapped, pro-tree starts for all Ford-powered and -bodied cars, along with light-duty trucks running 9.10 and slower. Delay boxes, throttle stops, dragsters, altereds, full-chassis, or back-half race cars are not allowed. Competitors will make three passes and the quickest e.t. will be the racer's competition index.

Modular Street
An open comp format for all Ford-bodied cars with 4.6L and 5.4L modular engines. Full-chassis or back-half race cars are permitted, but delay boxes, throttle stops, and other electronic bracket-racing devices are not.

Pro Lightning
An open comp format for all Ford Lightning trucks running 12.50 and faster. Full chassis or back-half trucks are permitted, along with any electronic e.t. or reaction improving devices.

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