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NMRA 2001 National Trails Raceway - Ford Fun In The Buckeye State

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Comments: No we're not featuring Billy Laskowski's killer Hot Street ride twice. We heard Billy's crew chief had a car in the works, and we could have sworn we were seeing double. Heck, might as well call it "Mini-Me!" Driver Ed says it best: "We're the first Real Street car in the 10s with a monkey driving it! Wait until I learn how to shift." (As if that'll ever happen!) Ed swears they built this Real Street brute with his entry-level starter tool kit. Sure, Ed. They thank Dominick's Autobody, Trick Flow Systems, Jimmy LaRocca, Billy, and his girlfriend Mary.

Factory Stock
Take a stock car, install an aftermarket exhaust and a larger throttle-bod. Put a set of lower-ratio gears in the rear axle and slap on a set of BFG Drag Radials and you too can have a competitive "race car" at an affordable price. But be prepared to tune it and learn how to drive, because as stock as they are, they run mid 12s at over 110 mph, naturally aspirated with no more than 311 cubes.

Name: Bob Cosby
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Vehicle: '99 Cobra
Power adder: None
Motor: Stock 4.6 four-valve
Induction: Stock
Heads: Stock
Cam: Stock
Exhaust: JBA 151/48-inch shorty headers; Bassani catalytic X-pipe to a 211/45-inch Magnaflow after-cat pipe
Transmission: Stock T5
Suspension: '99 GT springs, struts, and shocks
Front wheels: 15x4 Centerline Convo Pros with P165/65R-15 radials
Rear wheels: 15x8.5 Centerline Convo Pros with P275/50-15 BFG Drag Radials
Rearend: '99 GT 8.8 with 4.56:1 gears
Fastest e.t.: 12.45 at 109 mph; 60 ft: 1.68

Comments: This is Bob's daily commuter, and even with the steep 4.56:1 gears, the revs only read 2,800 at 70 mph. And since he knew that the stock IRS suspension was never intended for drag-racing duty, he swapped it out in exchange for a live axle 8.8 out of a friend's '99 GT. Take a close look at the tires-they may look bald, but boy do they hook!

Pure Street
Intended as a naturally aspirated street-driven class, Pure Street cars are limited to 311 ci with 302s and 289 ci with 4.6 modular motors. Camshafts must meet strict 0.500-inch maximum-lift requirements with no larger than 26x10-inch slicks, but the heads, intake, and suspension can be heavily leaned on. The results are astounding, as cars have reached low 11-second e.t.'s at over 120 mph! We've seen it and it's still hard to believe.

Name: Gene Hindman
Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
Vehicle: '88 LX
Power adder: None
Motor: 306 ci
Induction: Holley SysteMax
Heads: Cast-iron GT40s with 1.94/1.65 intake/exhaust valves
Cam: Custom Comp Cams
Exhaust: Bassani step headers going from 151/48- to 131/44-inch; 211/45-inch piping
Transmission: Tremec 3550
Suspension: Factory LX springs all-around; Southside lowers out back with Unlimited Performance upper control arms
Front wheels: 15x3.5 Monocoques with Mickey Thompson ET runners
Rear wheels: 15x10 Monocoques with 26x10 Mickey Thompson ET Drags
Rearend: Stock 8.8; 4.10:1 gears, spool, Moser 33-spline axles
Fastest e.t.: 11.41 at 117; 60 ft: 1.53

Comments: Gene's been racing Fords as long as he can remember. Actually it started the first day he got to drive his mom's '88 LX (the one shown here). We've never seen Volvo Copper paint fogged onto anything other than a Volvo, but when people see this, we're sure it'll become more popular. Gene thanks Extreme Mustangs, C&L, and most of all his girlfriend who can often be seen swapping out the slicks, cooling off the car, and staging Gene onto the starting line. Now that's a keeper!

Drag Radial
Just about anything goes here as long as it utilizes a stock-style suspension, DOT radials, and a single power adder. This class proves that horsepower alone cannot put you in the winner's circle. Competitors are not allowed to use slicks, and must compete on Drag Radials. This requires more driving skill than simply dumping the clutch or releasing the transbrake.

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