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NMRA 2001 National Trails Raceway - Ford Fun In The Buckeye State

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Name: Bob Kurgan
Hometown: Elgin, Illinois
Vehicle: '86 GT
Power adder: Paxton Novi 2000 supercharger
Motor: D.S.S. 308 ci
Induction: Holley SystemMax
Heads: TFS Twisted Wedge by Total Engine Airflow
Cam: Custom Comp Cams
Exhaust: Kook's 171/48-inch headers; 3-inch piping with Dr. Gas X-pipe and Borla XLR mufflers
Transmission: Dynamic C4
Suspension: AJE tubular frontend with TRZ rear suspension and Fast Track Performance bars
Front wheels: 15x3.5 Bogarts with Moroso DS2 runners
Rear wheels: 15x9 Bogarts with 28x10.5 Mickey Thompson ET Drags
Rearend: Stock 8.8; 3.73:1 gears, spool, Moser 33-spline axles
Fastest e.t.: 9.31 at 147 mph; 60 ft: 1.36

Comments: Bob has a thank-you list longer than a 10-year-old's Christmas wish list. He insists he's just an average guy with a full-time job, and that he couldn't race as much as he does without the help of Total Engine Airflow, March Performance Pulleys, Borla, Paxton, TFS, Auto Meter, Dynamic Trans, Fast Track Performance, DSS, and Streetstuff.

Hot Street
For those of you into naturally aspirated, big-horsepower small-blocks, Hot Street is a one-way ticket to fun. Hot Street allows both carbureted and fuel-injected engines ranging from 311 to 440 ci and weighing 2,750 to 3,200 pounds (depending on the cubic inches) along with aftermarket cylinder heads. Get ready for some serious 9-second cars.

Name: Billy Laskowski
Hometown: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Vehicle: '85 GT updated with a '93 interior and rear quarter-windows
Power adder: None
Motor: 402 ci
Induction: Super Victor intake with a Pro Systems Carburetor
Heads: Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads
Cam: Custom
Exhaust: Kook's 211/48-inch step-headers to 4-inch piping
Transmission: Powerglide with 6,500-stall converter
Suspension: PA tubular frontend with JE struts and Koni inserts
Front wheels: 15x3.5 Monocoque with Moroso DS2 runners
Rear wheels: 15x12 Monocoque with 28x10.5 Mickey Thompson ET Drags
Rearend: Fab 9, spool, 5.13 gears, and all Mark Williams components
Fastest e.t.: 9.54 at 142 mph; 60 ft: 1.34

Comments: Not one to go unnoticed, Billy did the incredible paint and bodywork himself. And if you remember July's "Coming Next Month," this is the car you see dragging its bumper well past the tree. Between those two things, we think it's kind of hard not to notice him. Billy thanks Lucky Race Cars, Chris Beningo, Pete Bilharz, his boss Dominick, and his crew chief's girlfriend Mary for all the lunch and dinner banquets.

Real Street
New to the NMRA, Real Street is intended for the lightly modified street car with a single power adder-either nitrous or a blower-and a 311ci displacement limit. And in the short three races the class has debuted, the top cars have already broken into the 10s with mail-order parts. While its not unheard of to see daily driven cars hitting the 11s with heavily modified heads, wild camshafts, and air conditioning, these cars must run non-ported cylinder heads, a stock cam, and a power adder that's marketed as a street kit. Impressive, isn't it?

Name: Chris Beningo (owner); Ed Curtis (driver)
Hometown: Elverson, Pennsylvania
Vehicle: '85 GT updated with '93 interior and rear quarter-windows
Power adder: ProCharger P-1SC Supercharger
Motor: Stock 302 with 125,000 miles and a FTI main girdle
Induction: TFS Street Heat Intake
Heads: TFS Twisted Wedge with 2.02/1.60 intake/exhaust valves
Cam: Custom FTI cam
Exhaust: Kook's 131/44-inch shorty headers; 2.5-inch piping, Dr. Gas X-pipe, and Flowmasters
Transmission: Pro-shifter Tremec TKO by Bob Hanlon
Suspension: GMS front springs with PA tubular frontend; Wolfe suspension out back with Konis all around
Front wheels: 15x3.5 Monocoques with Moroso DS2 runners
Rear wheels: 15x10 Monocoques with 26x10 Mickey Thompson ET drags
Rearend: 8.8 with 9-inch ends; 3.73:1 gears, Strange spool, 35-spline axles
Fastest e.t.: 10.95 at 126 mph; 60 ft: 1.50

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