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NMRA 2001 National Trails Raceway - Ford Fun In The Buckeye State

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Name: Dwane "Big Daddy" Gutridge
Hometown: Jackson, New Jersey
Vehicle: '89 LX Coupe
Power adder: Turbo Technologies T76 turbo
Motor: 306 ci
Induction: Custom Sheetmetal
Heads: TFS Aluminum Street Heats with 2.02/1.60 intake/exhaust valves and Jesel rockers
Cam: Custom Turbo People cam
Exhaust: 151/48-inch headers by George Scott
Transmission: Powerglide with 4,500-stall converter
Suspension: Stock frontend with Eibach drag springs; complete Wolfe rear suspension
Front wheels: 15x3.5 Welds with front runners
Rear wheels: 15x10 Welds with P325/50-15 BFG Drag Radials
Rearend: Stock 8.8; 3.73 gears, spool, Strange 33-spline axles
Fastest e.t.: 9.09 at 155 mph; 60 ft: 1.31

Comments: By far the biggest name in the Drag Radial wars, Big Daddy has been pushing for this class since the early '90s. His years of experience have produced eye-opening results at both the beginning and end of the quarter-mile. This subtle coupe has not only been on the bumper with all four tires off the ground, it's still registered, insured, and hits the streets on a regular basis. If there's one thing we love most about this class, it's the fact that all the horsepower in the world will not guarantee a win-it's all about the drivers. We just wonder when he'll hit 8s! Now that is sick.

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