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NMCA Hot Rod Power Festival Fuel Systems - Fueling The NMCA

Photography by Tony Nausieda

Driver/Owner: Tony Christian
Hometown: Sarasota, FL
Car: Fourth-gen Pontiac Firebird fiberglass body, custom tube chassis
NMCA race class: Outlaw Pro Street
Best e.t.: 6.70 @ 210 mph
Motor: 706ci Pro-Mod
Power adder: Two-stage Nitrous Works N2O system; 400 hp added in first stage, 250 hp added in second stage (that's actually detuned from the peak potential!)
Induction system: Dual 1,250-cfm King Demon carbs, custom aluminum sheetmetal intake
Fuel pumps: Two BG 400 pumps (separate pump for fuel and N2O enrichment), 400 gph @ 18 psi each
Regulators: Three BG regulators (motor, first nitrous stage, second nitrous stage), 22 psi line pressure
Motor fuel lines: AN-12 to pump, -10 to regulator, through two-way splitter, -6 to each carbNitrous enrichment lines: AN-8 to two-way splitter, -8 to each regulator, -6 to solenoidsTanks: 5-gallon cell to engine, 3-gallon cell for N2O system enrichment
Filters: BG filters on motor, N2O fuel supply pump, and at each nitrous stage
Fuel: VP C23

Strictly Carbureted:
Reviving the Race Hemi

Ray and Gil Elias' '64 Savoy could pass for a museum piece, but they're having more fun racing this original Mopar factory lightweight. John Gifford converted the concours Plymouth show car into Nostalgia Super Stock race trim, and now he gets to drive it down the track-not a bad deal. The car is so subtly modified that we were floored when John told us it's run a best time of 9.67 at 142 mph. As we drooled over the two Holley carbs bolted atop the custom cross-ram intake, John commented that the car runs pretty consistently, regardless of weather. He keeps the fuel pressure around 7.5 psi to keep the carbs' needles-and-seats from blowing out, but the Savoy's fuel system was dead-on from the start. He says it best: "I've been racing a long time, so I knew how to build it right."

Driver/owners: John Gifford/Ray and Gil Elias
Hometown: Naples, Florida
Car: '64 Plymouth Savoy Race Hemi
NMCA race class: Nostalgia Super Stock
Best e.t.: 9.67 @ 142 mph
Motor: 448-inch Race Hemi
Power adder: None
Induction system: Dual Holley
780-cfm carbs (NHRA S/S legal), custom Ray Barton cross-ram intake
Fuel pump: BG 400, 400 gph @ 18 psi
Regulator: BG four-port
Lines: AN-10 line to two-way splitter, -6 to each carb
Tank: 4-gallon cell
Filter: BG
Fuel: 114-octane CAM2

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