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The 2013 Car Craft Street Machine Nationals

Back To Du Quoin!

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In 1998, police, the mayor, and every peace-loving denizen of sleepy Du Quoin, Illinois, banded together with the proverbial pitchfork to drive the heathen street-machine guy out of town. Satisfied with their win, they failed to notice the deflated Pro Street heroes pushing their glory machines back into the black of the garage, unpopular, and unloved.

Years after Du Quoin’s trend-setting and influential car culture slowly evaporated into the cracked earth, someone dared to consider a resurrection of the Street Machine Nationals in 2013. The idea began on social media and grew from there. Boys who were now men uncovered their cars and grabbed their kids to show them what they loved and remembered from so long ago. The police prepared the tear gas and lined the streets like the gathering of Vader’s clone army ready to deliver the gavel, only to be greeted by grinning families packed into clean and tidy muscle cars, row upon row of them. Du Quoin was back.

We were there, too, without a clue as to what to expect. Could we resurrect the past glory of this show? Could this version of the show live up to anyone’s expectations? Would people even show up?

Well, people did show up, and the turnout was better than we, or our corporate bean counters, had predicted. Passion ran high among the attendees, and nearly everyone we met thanked us profusely for bringing the show back to Illinois, while regaling us with tales of personal experiences from shows past. We listened with rapt attention.

To those who couldn’t make it, study these pictures. Back home in Los Angeles, words fell short of describing the weekend to friends and family. Instead, we would invariably reach for the laptop, saying, "Wait, you just have to look at these pictures." If you like what you see, plan on joining us next year. If your car isn’t ready, who cares? If it’s driveable, bring it! Take pictures of it, if it’s not; we want to see what you’re working on. Your passion is what fuels us to make this magazine and host these shows.

Editor’s Choice Awards

Other award-winners are as follows:
Innovation Troy Russell 1962 Bel Air
Ford Scott Tiffany 1967 Comet
Buick/Olds/Pontiac Josh Lester 1993 Cutlass
Brand X Gary Groeteka 1969 AMC Rebel
Chevrolet Adam Cox 1954 Chevy
Paint Louis Jackson 1955 Chevy

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