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2006 World Power Wheelstanding Championships - $20,000 To Win!

The '06 World Power Wheelstanding Championships.

Photography by Michael Yoksich, Rick Kurtz

Madman Specs
Engine: The Camaro uses a Bow Tie tall-deck big-block with a 4.750 stroke and 4.600 bore for 632 inches with Dart 360 heads.

Power-adder: None

Transmission: The TH400 has a 5,000-stall, and Steve leaves on the foot brake from a dead idle.

What did you break? "The front fender came loose at the end of the run, and the electric fan was hanging."

What do you always break? "I don't break anything, but I have crushed two pairs of headers. That's worth it. Doesn't hurt the suspension, and I've learned to take the bars off if it's a wheelie contest."

Tires: "The tires are three-year-old, 14.5-inch Goodyear Eagles."

Power: Steve estimates about 1,000.

Quarter-mile: His best e.t is 9.13 at 147 mph.

What do you do to prep for a wheelie? "I take timing and jet out of it, otherwise it will be up on the bumper before the Christmas Tree."

Changes from last year: None

Was it worth it? "Yes, I've made more money wheelstanding that car than I ever had bracket racing."

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